So long as it's fine for Pole-Dancing this weekend... - the little lioness

So long as it's fine for Pole-Dancing this weekend…

So, after whinging about Netball on Monday night – I get there, play for a few minutes and there’s a sharp pain in my back… argh!!! pulled something leaping around… of course I played out the quarter (silly me!) but then I had to stop :( Sat through the next couple of quarters on the sideline – lucky we had 9 players that night!!! Waited for the nausea and shaking to subside – does anyone else get referred-type plain when you do stuff in that central area?

Drove home – checking blind spots was interesting! Turning my neck was a little tricky!

Could only find aspirin – so a hot shower was suggested by Rish then off to bed for a restless night’s sleep…

Still felt sore yesterday – mostly in the back and a little quesay – but thought I could hack it at work – which was fine except having groups meant sitting on the floor and it awkward positions at little desks – so by lunchtime ‘m tired, and a little miserable, so headed home for a nice long nap!

Still went in for my gym session – took it easy on the recumbent bikes for 2 x 30mins… felt a little looser. :)

Today I’ve had to sit through a full day of PD (on Autism and the TEACCH program) so not overly happy in the back, but getting there….

Is it wrong that my priority is feeling good for the first hen’s night I’ve ever been to, and pole dancing??? :) I wanna give it the best shot I can and still have a good night… THat reminds me – I still need to take those red heels to get fixed!!



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