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Well, I’ve had a great couple of days, barring the end of last night where things went down hill really quickly. :)

Last night was the Hen’s night – Pole dancing was fun (if short). I’m now covered in bruises from it, including a nice one of the top of my right foot, from banging into the pole many times over :) I was so not sexy, but it was fun, I wasn’t completely crap at it (thank you to Rish and his killer gym sessions which mean I now have a little bit of upper-bdy strength to hang off the pole with, rather than just relying on my legs). I should definately look into seeing if we can do it in Newcastle for my sister’s hen’s – her wedding’s in February, and I think I have a duty as an older sister to make her shimmy around a pole :p

Dinner was lovely -went to the Haig Italian restaurant. Dinner was yum, and Suz’a sisters had organised party games and the like… I think I have a bag full of condoms and lubricant in assorted flavours eee. Had wine. No, had a lot of wine…. was merrily tipsy until we hit town, and though I hadn’t drunk anything in about 30 minutes, all the stuff before that suddenly hit me, causing a trip to the gutter. Oh dear. But hunted Rish down and the wonderful Matt and Hannah, and they let us crash on their floor. Ugh. I feel good now, but certainly did not at the time.

Is there a point where I’ll actually figure out my alcohol tolerance levels, or will I just push past that boundry again??? You think I’d have it figured out by now. Maybe if I’d actually had a pasta or something heavy, rather than the lightish chicken breast and polenta I had, I’d have been better off. Or maygbe I just shouldn’t drink so much! :p

This of course comes after telling my doctor on Friday that I’d probably only drink a couple of nights a week… she says to this “SO how many would you have? 1 or 2?” I pause “um” “3 or 4?” she asks. I say “let’s go with that”. Hehe. But it was a good appointment – got my pap test, the first Gardasil shot, heart checked (“I thought I heard a murmur, but I didn’t”) and found out that I’m to have my first mole removed next Friday. It had to happy sometime, with my fair skin, excessive amounts of moles and freckles and the Australian sun. So in a way it’s good because I know the others are fine, even it annoying raised on on my neck! At least my exercise regime was approved of :)

Speaking of which, I’m down my personal trainer (aka Rish) for the week, as he’s just left for Newcastle. Riding up – at least 5 hours, maybe 6 the way he’s going. So I have to motivate and entertain myself for seven days! By the time I see him again, we may finally be rid of John Howard – that’s if the election can be declared to someone that quickly – I was reading the other day that because of the vast number of pre-poll/postal/absentee votes (about 20% of Australians vote that way) adn the marginal seats, it may not be able to be declared until a couple days after. But I’m looking forward to voting this year – my first in the ACT so I’m definately going to vote below the line for the senate! There’s no way I would have attempted that in NSW – not with the hundred r some extereme number of candidates I’d have to number against! I’d surely miss a number and then they’d scrap my vote :( Look! You can practise voting online if you want to hear about how to vote in Australia :p



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  1. November 18, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    My boy is out of town this week too (out of the country in fact!) .. we should meet up.. :)

  2. November 18, 2007 at 9:55 pm

    Yes! You can help me fill my calendar! I’ll email you now with my availabilty etc and we can work something out :)

  3. June 6, 2008 at 7:45 pm

    How much does the bloody Gardasil shot hurt! I’m due for my second soon. :(

    Dataceptionists last blog post..A round of Margarita’s, barkeep!

  4. June 7, 2008 at 7:34 am

    My last one hurt the most out of the three, but I was sick at the time and EVERYTHING hurt that day.,

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