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A place for Everything

And everything in its place.

It’s been very much a day of sorting, tidying, cleanig things up. My own mess and others!

Got up at the insane hour of 5am – but it was quite pleasant that that time! I got myself ready, and got to the gym as it opened at 6am, did my hour of cardio (elliptical and bike today) and some light machine weights (had to take it easy on some still sore from Saturday’s shenanigans!) instead of the free weights I tend to do with Rish – I’ll probably still do free weights on Thursday morning in our usual weight training slot. Very glad I got there for 6am – it was getting hot already, and I missed the crowd so really only had to deal with the grossness of my own sweat rather than everyone else’s! I also knew there was no way I was going to get there tonight… not with the heat, and having the clean the house ahead of the inspection tomorrow morning…

Work was file auditing all day – meaning going through every file in the cabinets and seeing if they’re meant to be open, when they were last seen and what other things they have i them – like consent forms, action plans, service charters and reports… and also how much chasing up we have to do around all of these before Christmas!! It was interesting to see the piles left for different people to follow-up on growing. Mine at least didn’t turn up too many surprises in who needed following up. I can safely say that I’m mostly on top of my caseload. Mostly!!! :p

Finished earlier than expected, so I flexed off at 4pm to come home and get started on the cleaning… getting there, I keep stopping and starting, but I really only have the floors to do now. :) It was just raining now, which coooled me down a little, but it’s stopped. I think it remembered there was a drought on at the moment, and really, it shouldn’t rain.



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