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I am not a runner.

Well, not naturally, it’s something I’m going to have to teach myself. To work my way up to. That’s why I have a jogging target as one of my goals – to be able to jog at 10.0kph for 20 minutes. Now when I do have little burst of jogging that’s not on a sporting field or court, I go at about 9.0kph… and I thought it was about 3 mins. So, a very long ways to go.

Yesterday morning I got up brought and early and was at the gym just after 6am. It was still very dark, and dark until close to 7am. But it was cool, it was quiet, and I’m going there tomorrow mornging for a weights session with Rish (I think) and again Friday morning for cardio… (not this morning – I have time to go tonight, and I was up too late watching India beat Australia. Ponting is such a sook.)

Ok. I had to start somewhere. So, since the treadmills were nice and free (no line-ups or people on them who I’m sure had been there for longer than the allowed 30 mins) I hoppped on and started at a walking pace, to get myself moving… Then upped to my usual 9.0… and lasted at that speech for 5mins, or two songs on my ipod. Small steps, but at least I’ve taken the first one.

I then spent another hour on other equipment – something, which is like an elliptical trainer, but you can adjust the height your legs have to step up, and then the stepper. Sweaty!

(Let’s just move on from the fact that i then went on to eat too many “Sometimes foods” as the kids would call them while reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar (oh I love that book) in the day)

Today is a new day. A Wednesday, so I know there will be a meeting which will probably have cake involved. I will have a small slice if it’s something I like, but won’t delve into some of the other things I had today. :p

Hello Kitty Cake

Not long til wordpress 2.5!

(I will be a runner, it will just take time and hard work!)



  1. Not that I’m any ghuru, but a method for avoiding the sometimes foods that I find successful (when I can get the drive to pack my own lunch) is to set myself a quota of good foods/snacks, (like vegies and fruit) and if I haven’t reached my vegie quota I’m not allowed to have bad foods. And then I usually find that since I’m full from carrot sticks I don’t feel hungry so I forget about chocolate or salted things or eat less of them than I normally might when given the chance.
    I guess it’s all on the “no desert until you finish your vegies” type angle that is so popular with parents.
    If I wasn’t constantly sick I’d challenge you to a biggest loser style competition. :p I did a similar thing once, nothing like a bit of competative spirit to make me drag my arse to the gym.

  2. I’m fine when I’m not at work. Stupid work :p I just have to have better things around to munch on there. I can only eat so much fruit in a day! heh.

    :) I think I just need to stay accountable. ity’s hard!

  3. Ohhh man, you’re much much fitter now than I was after 6 weeks of trying to get fit before I went overseas.

    I wish I could like exercise.

    I wish we had cake at our meetings. But we’re having our clinical exam on my birthday this year – lots of people examining and being patients and we feed them lunch, so I’m going to get a big mud cake as well. which work will pay for. heh.

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