Rainy weekend ~ the little lioness

Rainy weekend

So often I come home from long weekends rather tired, and so not ready to face the working week again.

I think it has alot to do with the travel. Even though Rish is often the one to do the driving, I still get tired travelling, have a hard time sleeping in the car, always still watching the road. But that’s my problem, hey? :p

We got to the beach, even if it was Monday lunch, and even if we didn’t swim. We still saw beach, I still got enough sunshine to bring out my freckles. :)

Last night I dreamed that I was in a plane crash. I blame it on me completely forgetting to call Rish’s mother to organise our flights over the Greece in July. It looks like I’ll spend a few weeks in Greece, rather than chopping around Europe. Rish will be usy druring the times I was looking at, so I’ll just have to leave him to his work and what he’s meant to be doing while he’s there, and I’ll just have to spend more time in Summery Greece :p Such a shame. Going the start of July – just over 3 months! :)



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