Long-weekend goodness ~ the little lioness

Long-weekend goodness

So, perhaps in order to “enjoy” the ANZAC long weekend, there’s some obligation to go to the dawn service, or at least some sort of service? I read the paper… there was ANZAC stuff there, that counts as at least paying attention to the day… though I was more interested in the Canberra leg of the torch relay… I nearly drove into one of those damn mini-fences last night on my way home from the gym… it had stray out onto Commonwealth avenue… eeek. At least I can say I was alert enough to miss it! (More than I can say for some nights… the roos hopping across had better watch out)

So, the plan is… washing (before it rains and drops to a max of 10 degrees by Monday), hair dying, cleaning the house – because the house is being auctioned tomorrow morning… so the hair dye must be thoroughly cleaned up :p Toddle into the city after lunch depending on the bus times… and hit the gym in time to watch the Bombers/Collingwood match. Haven’t really seen much footy this year, so I might as well watch this one :p

So it’s not even 9am…I’ve been up since way too early for a public holiday. I might go sit and read in the sun for awhile. Or beat up the washing machine so it will spin!



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