Hardy like a cactus (or my bamboo) ~ the little lioness

Hardy like a cactus (or my bamboo)

Andrew’s wedding on the weekend was lovely… it was great to catch up with people again, just like when the stray person heads down our way you remember how much you love the people you’ve left behind. Caught up with our families for breakfast on Saturday – it’s funny how Canberra is just that little bit too far and too cold for people.

Had a fun night – too it upon myself to dance with the flower girl for ages. Plus, they gave us little cactii as bonboniere! The type with soft “leaves”, potted and wrapped in pink. :) Mine’s sitting on my desk ast work – hopefully it will have as long a good a life as the bamboo I got when I left the early childhood team – it was about 20cm then, and now it’s probably a metre tall. I’m planning on (when i get around to it) chopping it and trying to see if I can sprout the cuttings. It won’t harm the originial, I just don’t know if I’ll succeed with the growing.

Organising my flights to Greece this week – the daughter of someone at work is a travel agent, so I have her giving me quotes today, hopefully they’ll be in my email by the time I get to work (staying home for a bit for the plumber to come) and then I can feel much more organised.

So looking forward to a holiday – 2 months to go! :p



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