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A little bit sicked

After feeling run down for most of last week, and pushing myself hard over the weekend (ie Dan’s farewell on Saturday night and the fun run on Sunday morning) it hit me Sunday afternoon. Turned out that the sore ear and then the tiredness, subsequent fever and chills would be Tonsillitis (sub acute, for sure, as the throat has come and gone over the past month or so, just waiting for me to hit a point where it would get me, and bring me down)

We all Fall Down

So two days off work, rest, antibiotics and general pain relief were prescribed. I’m not doing so well at the sleeping part, but I’m not doing much.

Though I got a call just before 11 today from work to ask if I was coming in. I’m SURE I said in the message I left yesterday morning that I’d be taking Monday and Tuesday off and should be in for Wednesday. Chances are that I did, and that they didn’t pay attention to that bit. It is possible that I didn’t get my message across as I had hoped, through my own fault, but knowing how well messages are taken ther sometimes, I won’t feel too bad about it. I just hoped I didn’t have anything on that people are going to be annoyed at me not coming to. argh.

Oh well, I can’t do much about that now. Just have to keep drinking my water.

PS: Does anyone know a simple way to set up post-by-email for wordpress? I start reading the codex and freak out. Surely someone has written a plugin by now to take the pain away?



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