Sleep? What Sleep? ~ the little lioness

Sleep? What Sleep?

Had a lovely weekend *grins*

I finally watched Fight Club on Friday night. Excellent movie (not partial to the beating in of heads, but you know, have to deal with it to get the rest of it). Can say that I’ve seen it :) And could return the DVD to a friend we’d borrowed it off way too long ago :p (Crush on Helena Bonham Carter has just grown)

Coming home to snuggle up and watch a DVD after gym, instead of hitting the Canberra Centre in search of the end of the sale bargains and to look for a new mobile phone for Rish.

Instead, we did that on Saturday… 4 hours worth of wandering later – I have a new pair of running shoes, Rish has the new Nokia 6220 to play with, and I had REALLY sore feet, and threw a little tanty *heh* Still managed to gym it up, though.

Was going to craash out for an early night but talked into heading out for coktails… I’m so easily persuaded! :) Nice to get out, though I was struggling to stay awake – not so good as I was the designated driver as Rish’s arm probably isn’t right yet for driving… 2:30 bed time.. :)

Had friends over for a BBQ lunch today, to catch up again before we head away. I lost both games of 500, with different partners :p WEll, we technically didn’t lose the last one, it never ended, so maybe we’ll rematch them when we get back from Europe :p (Do they still give out playing cards on airlines? I’d love another deck to add to my collection! I think I’ve heard of them being handed out on Emirates flights – I’ll have to ask :p)

And just now I’ve come back from the oval – sprints across the field with Rish *dies*

So, things hurt, haven’t had much sleep, but I’ve had a wonderful weekend (yes, I even got the washing done) and am ready to hit the four days I have remaining at wor before my holiday! *dances*



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