At least it wasn't raining ... yet ~ the little lioness

At least it wasn't raining … yet

So there are advantages to working in a building that you’ve been evacuated three times from in a week. Like being able to come home and take the washing off the line before the dust and mud storms come rolling in again.

So, we were sent home last monday with the power out. Friday morning we got in, and were sent outside just as I was off on a school visit because we could smell gas. Everyone was in again by the time I got back, being told to head back by someone because they basically didn’t believe us because tehre was no smell of gas by the time official people got there.

Then this morning, I walk in and I’m asked “do you smell gas” .. no I can’t smell anything today, let alone gas… 25 minutes later we’ve collected handbags and spent the next few hours out of the building. For me that was 90 minutes out gossiping in the gorgeous sunshine, then ducked off on a school visit via home because the rain was coming, returning to work in time for lunch and 10 minutes after everyone went inside.

Three fire trucks including Hazmat. We felt special.

And now the rain and wind is here. I’m told it was good that I hadn’t washed the car yet, because it was only going to get worse overnight, adn I should wait until mid week.

(And another evacuation?)



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