Floriade, Crazy Drivers and the biggest magnet I've put on my fridge

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Work sorrta made us go along to Floriade today. By made, I mean it was decided at some point that since the team leader wasn’t going to be there for our weekly meeting, and because the early childhood team were doing it, we would have lunch and spend out usual meeting time at Floriade.

Nice enough, but very glad Rose drove me, as by that point in the day I was feeling woozy and not ready fr sunshine, a meeting, or food..

Did of course make time for the gnomes.

Pricilla Gnomes at Floriade 21

After that I had to get back to go on a home visit down Tuggeranong way. On Drakeford heading back? I was stopped in the right hand lane amongst traffic, and a police car comes behind us with its lights and siren… ducks into the left slip or bus lane… and two busses stop in the middle of the intersection to give way. Ugh… it looked messy aleady.. and sure enough, once the busses pulled past? The cop car had hit one of the other cars that was driving past the otehr side of the busses. Who was surprised at that? I don’t think it was at much speech, looked like bumper from a 4WD a bit mangled on the ppolice car. Lucky. Very Lucky.

Third exciting moment of a day which I spent a fair bit in a daze? This HUGE magnet I got out of my letterbox just now:

Biggest magnet Ever

How much does a magnet that size cost? Not sure if David Mathews will be getting my vote… but he doesn’t have the worst slogan in the capaign. Getting it done? Much better than that better fella for brindabella or some of the other Liberal ones I’ve seen. I think there was a “Jac lives here” for Jacqui someone… and “Standing tall” because this woman looked quite tall. Please let me know if there’s a Liberal candidate with a decent slogan! It feels like the year 6 school captain elections over again!

(at least he’s using wordpress?)

Good thing I have a huge to do list ready to go on such a thing as that magnet awaiting me at work. Are we there yet? *dies*


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  1. Hey there – I have a magnet just like that one, except I cut the lairy top off it. I’m a fellow local in Canberra as well. Great to see there’s other bloggers out there. Great job.

    Somones last blog post..Alternate Futures – Vertical Farming in the City

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