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Freak occurrence at the supermarket this morning. I was in the “express” lane (yeah, it was long) with a new laundry basket and assorted items for dinner… when I saw some new Tim Tams on display.

Being Australia Day, I think it’s important to take note of new Tim Tam lines and whether a new size of Vegemite has come out. So I looked.

They were dessert flavours with “Sweet Surrender” as their tag line.


In a moment of marketing brilliance – I’m standing there, trying to work out the calorie value and how many kilometres I’ll have to run to work off a single one of there.

And a song comes on.

It’s Wet Wet Wet’s Sweet Surrender.

Woolworths, what are you trying to do to me?



  1. Are these a new variety of the Black Forest Tim Tam? I remember a Black Forest one from a while back. Maybe I should just sample some, just for a comparison ;)

  2. oh perhaps you should… you know, just in case they’re either better, or worse, than the old ones…

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