It's Pink and It Vibrates

I got a chance to try the new (pink) Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser from the girls at the That’s Noice! blog.


I have to say, I think I used it wrong when I first started – I think that you can attach the disposable cleansing pads in 2 ways – and I did it the wrong way and it wasn’t foaming. And then I switched it over, and it did :p My face feels clean, and I like the sensory feeling of the vibrations on my face. Apparently the refills will be $13.99 for 30… sounds a little dear to me, but I might get some if they go on special. (It’s $20 for the thingy itself. Bit of an outlay, I guess. Depends how cheap you are!)

Perhaps I should try it again after a sweaty gross gym session. Or after a day with full sunscreen. That would test it out better! (Keep you posted)



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