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Sore but not sorry

Body starting to not feel as sore after Sunday’s run and gym sessions with Rish.

Started with the 5k loop. 33:33, not a great time, but that included a part of it being walked ahead of a “pitstop” about 3/4 through. Nice and fast at the end though, coming down off the Commonwealth Ave bridge. Inhaled a few bugs when I went through a bug cloud.

The to the gym – first “weights” session in quite awhile. a little bit on arms, but also with lunges, dead lifts and lots of ab / core work. My body was not moving too well last night! I think the killer was the medicine ball work right at the end!

Going to try to slip in a quick cardio session tonight before heading to Hugs Breath for a birthday dinner. Hopefully my late group won’t end too late and I’ll make it there!



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  1. March 24, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    Wow! Busy girl.

    Totally makes me think I should be ashamed of myself for not exercising enough. Must get back into it and pull out my hula hoops and walking shoes.

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