Over-reacting, much?

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Okay, so Laksa didn’t go according to plan, and we wound up in a noodle place in Woden. I was still very happy to get my vege and wonton noodle soup (when it finally came that is)…

Though of course good soup can’t be the highlight of a lunch, can it? Or the good company… no, it has to be the crazy lady with the arm waving across the street whose car got bumped into by the car behind it.

Minimal damage to hers – 1 broken tail light and a scratch to the bumper. Should be easy enough? Swap details, sort it out with insurance. Right? That’s what most of us would do.

(Most of us would also move our car off the road, unlike this lady who thought – or didn’t think – that leaving it where is was was the best measure, so that it was kinda off the road, but not enough so that two lanes of traffic could pass each other…)

Instead, this woman proceeds to waves her arms around a lot, get all huffy and sulky, does the number exchange thing, then gets on the phone. My guess was to her partner or someone nearby so that she could make sure she got all the details she needs… again, that’s what I’d do though.

A few minutes later…

A fire engine and two ambulances rock up. A FIRE ENGINE AND TWO AMBULANCES!!

It was a tail light! You can’t have been going more that 15-20… tops…

One ambulance stays, the other swiftly leaves. The fire truck stops, guys get out, wander around, then leave after the woman gets some more arm waving in.

The remain ambulance officers split up – one finally convinces Ms Crazy to get her car off the road (after more huffing and arm waving) while the other chats to the driver of the other car, you know, probably because he’s sane and just wants to get on with his day.

Soon after that? Unmarked police car (black Holden ute) comes with its fancy hidden lights… I’m sure the minute the ambo spent chatting with him was to say “hey, this woman just keeps huffing, you’ll probably have to book the guy for something, jsut make it small so we can all get on with our lives”.

It’s at this point where it’s realised that we should probably all get on with our lives too. heh.



  1. Ahh, but staring at other people’s drama is so much more fun than living through your own!

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