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So. June is here. This means a few things…

  • May is over.
  • I can write May off as a dumb month without a computer and with too much illness.
  • It’s winter. I can officially complain about it being cold.
  • Job applications are due. June 11. Now that I have my computer back I can write these sorts of things after hours. Like this weekend I can polish it up while we have a long weekend
  • Job apps will also mean job interviews. Blah! Gotta practice with my current and former supervisors
  • I can start anew a little at work. Did a mass of note-writing and stats on Friday, which means starting with a cleanish slate for May. Still not caught up on reports and programs, but I now have time and a stress-free brain which may be able to tackle those.
  • It’s half-way through term, which means only 5 more weeks til school hols :p Yes that means more work to do before then, but think I’ll get up to Sydney for part work (there’s a workshop I wanna go to) and part break (while Rish is at his own conference :p)…. though Queensland sounds more appealing right this minute. My nose is cold!




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