Have some fun


I’m sure whoever drew it also had some fun. I’d love to go around one day with a bucket of that fat street chalk, draw some flowers, write some messages.

Make people smile :)



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  1. goosmurf says:

    Love it. :)

    I like to believe that smiles are contagious and sometimes smile at random strangers in the hope that it’ll spread. Sometimes you get that “is he crazy?” look in response but I’m willing to accept that. ;)

  2. I actually used one of those a while back and it was so much fun! I wondered if kids still played like this or whether it was all Wii based nowdays. And with that question I realise I sound so much older! :P

  3. Fiona says:

    That was in at uni, so if by “kid” we’re thinking 20, then the kids are still outside ;)

  4. I love random pavement art! I think you should do the same, and make people smile =D

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