Colgate. With Ants.

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There’s something about the rubber on Colgate Toothbrushes that ants seem to love…

Colgate 360 With Ants

Colgate 360 With Ants

erm… this isn’t the first toothbrush of Rish’s this has happened to, either.


(In other news, I’ve submitted my last assignment for the year. Uni break! yay! – yes I still have to go to work. But UNI BREAK! YAY!)

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  1. eewww that’s icky.

    however, the part that reeeaallly concerns me is that rishni has a pink toothbrush

  2. That’s really strange! The whole toothbrush thing! And yay for the uni break! Enjoy!
    .-= Psych Babbler´s last blog ..Old is Gold… =-.

  3. The house I grew up in boardered on the bush, we always had plenty of ants. I actually had to hang my undies in the wardrobe, because ants would eat the elastic out of them if I left them in my dresser.

    Yes, they were Antz Pantz.

  4. You know, I have one of those tooth brushes. And we regularly have ants traipsing through our bathroom on their way somewhere important (they come in my bedroom window, across my pillow, round the wall through the hall to the bathroom, over the shower, around the sink then up out the bathroom window). And I’ve never had ants on my toothbrush.

    So I think it’s Rish. He must have something weird on his fingers that rubs on the plastic and makes an amazing ant attracting substance. I’m sure you could make money on it somehow for, um, people who want more ants in their house.

  5. Do we have the same ants here as you do in NZ?

    Rish asks – how come they only go on the blue bits then?

  6. Based on the ants I saw in the Melbourne museum at least some of them are different. We don’t get ants anything like that large. My ants are clearly travelling rather than scavenging so maybe they just aren’t hungry?

    I was thinking of the oils on his fingers reacting with the rubbery bit, since I seem to remember the blue bit being more grippy than the rest. I know ants work by chemical cent trails so an ant attractant is possible. I’m mostly talking crap though, heh. Will be interested to see what Colgate thinks!

  7. Ants have now massively invaded our house, despite the complete lack of anything for them to eat. :/

  8. lol. What’s the big deal? They’re just ants. I’d eat them, but I’m worried about them crawling inside my sinuses and into my eyeballs…

  9. Colgate called me today and gave some story about maybe it being that Rish doesn’t rinse his brush well enough :p I don’t them I doubt it, but they reckon they’ll take my comments on board

    oh and send us a few toothbrushes. Free toothbrushes – now we can really mess with the ants

  10. Hah! I am not alone, I get that every summer too. Now, I stay in a weird, old place with a basin that the toothpaste tends to cling on. So now it gets swamped if i forget to wipe out the basin!
    .-= Anviyl´s last blog ..Thoughts and ramblings =-.

  11. You can leave them round the house and see what happens. Plus some other toothbrushes as controls. Or put them right next to an ant trap if you’re feeling mean.

  12. Just seeing this now after you update, and OMG that’s gross. I would be using the brand new toothbrushes just to place them around the house and see if it really is Rish not washing them enough (which is BS!) or if Colgate are using some weird ant attracting plastic.
    .-= Fern´s last blog ..Not Such A Happy Christmas =-.

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  15. OMG – here on the rewind – but OMG..that is truly gross and urky but did you experiment with any other toothpastes?!

  16. Very catchy title- one that I could not pass up on the rewind!

    Your case is extreme but we go through this every year in Portland. I find ants on my toothbrush and- even creepier- in our bed. Seriously, how are you going to fall asleep after that? It’s something to do with the water table rising but it is just disgusting.

  17. ewwwwwwhw. nasty ants. Kill Em! Kill em ALL! I freak out on bugs that enter my home. outside is cool, I am at peace w/ nature but once anything crosses my threshold and into my place…..BAM! I get Cruella De Vil on their arsz!

  18. Hilarious! We had a major ant outbreak in the Fibro over summer. I was glad when the cold weather arrived and they disappeared back into their own little ant world.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  19. Hello, catching up from the Rewind and am horrified!!! Mind you we did have an ants nest in a coffee maker once. Little blighters.

  20. Gotta love the little ants – had a plague of them this summer – and NOTHING could rid us of them so we ended up coexisting !

  21. No idea why. They’re tiny little black ants and they show up everywhere. Then they’re just…gone.

  22. With that title, I had to check you out! I have a book that tells of a few things that ants don’t like. It suggests spreading these along doors and windows, (maybe sinks, too!): garlic, peppermint, (crushed candy canes), cinnamon, cream of tartar, and paprika. Good luck!

  23. This is happening to me aswell, i thought i wasnt rinsing my brush enuf but still they ate it so i bought another one and didnt use it at all and the buggers ate every rubber nodule off the control brush, and then the buggers move on to eating my toilet paper

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