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Icing Biscuits for Therapy

Smilie Biscuit

There are so many language goals you can target by simply playing with milk arrowroots, icing, food colours and some lollies. I tend to have the kids requesting the items them want into order to make the iced biscuits of their dreams. Practising question forms, descriptions, listening skills, clear speech, and sequencing (you know, so they actually ice the biscuit before they try sticking lollies on). Then there’s describing to their parents what to put on their biscuit.

Then there’s the one where the therapist pre-prepares the biscuits and we run the “canteen” in the group session. The kids have to buy the biscuits, but they have to describe them pretty thoroughly in order to get the biscuit they actually wanted. Cupcakes work well too, depending on how motivated you are!

Of course, there’s always the checking for allergies and other food issues, but most kids are allowed one treat from the speech canteen :)



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  1. November 13, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    I want to ice biscuits! :(
    .-= nadineĀ“s last blog ..This is how I feel right now. =-.

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