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by Fiona on December 25, 2010 · 6 comments


May you eat much food and have many hugs!

(oh and try not to lie to the kids too much)



(and a webcam flashback from 2004)


I have a million photos from Beechworth and had an excellent time on the weekend – it’s great to get away just the two of us before xmas madness begins. My body wasn’t too happy by Sunday night with the nibbles of cakes, tastings of wine, snippets of cheese and the like that I subjected it to for the benefits of my tastebuds!

Beechworth Bakery

(Let alone the extra I just eat at this time of year! It’s okay though, and there are heaps of free weight loss sites, challenges etc, where I can lose weight in the future because of time zones :p Does anyone pay for these sorts of sites anymore??)

Milawa Cheeses

One more day of work! Psyching myself into heading there now. Lots of stats to complete before the deadline, and all these new referrals to put on the wait list. I think everyone just realised that it’s the end of the year, and they have a pile and list of to-dos, like making referrals, to get done before they too go on leave!

Cat at Gundagai Maccas

The quietness though of the office is good and bad – do you find this too that there’s an ‘optimal’ amount of stuff going on around you to get a good amount of work done?

Anyway, off to tackle the to-do list. Then Time Off! Yay!

(blogging about the weekend proper will come. In time!)


Amanda Palmer just announced some “sideshows” for the launch of her Aussie themed album, including at the National Gallery of Australia on Feb 1st!

Tickets are on sale on 20th Dec – looks like through Ticketek.

There are other shows around Australia too if you don’t wanna visit the Awesomeness that is Canberra :p


Can you see my Xmas Ninja?

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Stealthy Xmas Ninja

Bought on Etsy from Lilley who make so many cute little ninjas!

(which reminds me – time to dig out my gingerbread men earrings!)


The King’s Speech

by Fiona on December 15, 2010 · 1 comment

Lionel Logue was one of Australia’s earliest and more famous speech therapists (speech pathologist these days, at least in Australia), noted for his work with King George’s stutter. Techniques for therapy vary greatly these days, from more behavioural approaches, such as the Lidcombe Program for young children, to strategies, or altered speech patterns for adults. There are also support groups for adults, such as the Speakeasy Association who meet to practise speech strategies and public speaking.

In Australia, you can find a speech pathologist with an interest in treating stuttering through the find a speech pathologist function on the Speech Pathology Australia website. Early intervention is best – with the best outcomes for stuttering therapy using the Lidcombe program in the year before or the first year or so of school.

The King’s Speech will be released in Australia on Boxing Day, December 26

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Take Thyme Out – Hamburger

by Fiona on December 14, 2010 · 2 comments

Holder Burger

Lunch from last week. Held the onion…

I have a feeling they will be closing soon, drink stocks are looking quite low. We’ll see.


Caribbean Costumes

by Fiona on December 13, 2010 · 7 comments

What comes to mind when you think Caribbean as far as costumes go?

Myf's Caribbean Party

Jamaican Bobsleds!

Myf's Caribbean Party

And vicious pirates ;)

Myf's Caribbean Party

Palm trees and pools.

Myf's Caribbean Party

And cocktails, of course!


Fresh Fruit

December 12, 2010

From Fyshwick Markets. mmm had one of the mangoes for breakfast. 411: Block :: ing Comforter :: doona Santa :: claus Tape :: worm Humor :: ous Charity :: begins at home Receipt :: book Hospice :: dying Stuffing :: ew Binge :: eating/drinking

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Canberra Toy Run

December 12, 2010

We didn’t go on the toy run – but managed to arrive in Garema Place just as the bikes pulled in yesterday! With Santa and Mrs Claus leading the way, the posties out in good numbers, and the weather great for it!

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Saturday Gratefuls

December 11, 2010

Yesterday, I decided to pick up with this Saturday Grateful business, to look back at my weeks in a more positive light. No, not everything goes as I want, but some things go well: The sun coming back out yesterday. People at work and new friends who ask, sincerely, if things are okay and what […]

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Naughty or Nice

December 10, 2010

triptych Photos of Dahlia, originally uploaded by Allyeska – Allyeska Photography Does Santa think you’ve been good this year?

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