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Term Time!

Today’s officially the first day of semester for the University of Canberra… probably the earliest starting uni in Australia, they’ve commenced having a half-length winter semester mid year. If I ever decide to head back and do a teaching qualification it will really come in handy, but for now it just means getting my brain into gear by Sunday, as I have my first face to face workshop day on Valentine’s day. Aww.

I’ve ordered my textbooks, have my unit outline for one subject – There’s close to fortnightly assessed items! This is for the first section of my mini research project… there’s a lit review due week 3! And I don’t even know my topic! *pressure*

I have my study leave mostly sorted, it looks like I’ll take fortnightly Friday mornings on study leave and a couple of hours to cover the rest of the day on flex – which I’m already starting to build!

Lots of new things this term – I’ve been allocated 7 classes at the special primary school, which will be fun and challenging – One thing I’ll have to get my head back into is mealtime management/swallowing assessments. I know it, I just haven’t done it for awhile now.

Another good thing will be getting to trial communication devices, like the DynaVox V, which is so cool for a little nerdling like me ;) I would totally get it in Pink if I ever needed one!

Actually, and I think I’ve posted about it before, one of the coolest AAC devices out there is the Proloquo2Go, a must see for you iphone nerds out there. It’s basically and iphone/itouch with voice output software built in. Perfect size!



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