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Visualising Information

The Dr sent me for another Glandular Fever blood test today (I haven’t been tested for it this year, so why not? :p) hoping I think that that’s my problem this time around. Was also told to rest, switch to nurofen or aspirin over the large amounts of paracetamol (also better for the joint pain) and drink water, and eat fresh fruit and veges etc etc. And not go back to work til Thursday. At least (I hope I’m back Thursday, I hate having to catch things up, oh and don’t like feeling crook for that long!)

As far as vitamins and other supplements? No advice right this moment, but came across this really awesome visualisation of what the evidence is currently pointing to for what supplement for which disorder. Bubbles!

Seems I’m on a good track with my probiotics, vitamin D and valerian usage… Seems Boron’s getting a bad name for menopause… glad I’m not at that end of life!



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