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Beyond Blue: Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month

Over a million people in Australia live with depression.
Over two million have an anxiety disorder.
With the right treatment, most people recover.

We all experience low points or a little bit of stress at times, but for some people, that becomes the norm they operate under. Moving from task to task from day to day with that extra pressure hanging over them.

What’s happening in October 2010?

1 to 31 October – beyondblue Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month
10 to 16 October – National Mental Health Week
10 October – World Mental Health Day

Show your support for those around you, and make your workplace / mother’s group / tennis club a safe place to raise mental health issues. Read some of the fact sheets on the Beyond Blue site. Be informed so that you can be supportive if someone feels comfortable disclosing something to you. It’s a tricky thing to “own up” to having mental health issues, as they feel like they are either stigmatized or normalised to the point where the person may feel like they’re just concern about something that other people aren’t.

Look after those around you. And help them to look out for you.




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