Review: Gillette Venus Embrace - the little lioness

Review: Gillette Venus Embrace

Does your parcel post guy deliver on the weekends? Ours does at times, and one of those times he arrived with a package from a Gillette Venus Embrace razor to take to my legs and review… Shortly after comparing hairy legs at a fun run! Timing!

Gilette Venus Embrace

Now I’m a leg shaver from way back – way back to hacking my ankles open with single bladed disposable razors on a regular basis through high school. I’m that dedicated. I’ve had them waxed maybe twice in my life, before extended holidays, but honestly, I’m happy to run the razor over them most summer mornings to keep away the stubble, I can’t deal with waiting. Yes, I’m impatient. Oh, and yes I do have other means of hair removal… Mostly completed by the skilled hands of the girls at Brazilian Butterfly or the occasional torture session with the epilator… erm…

Gilette Venus Embrace

The packaging was easy to open (it was perforated – I hate trying to get through the plastic packets like this when they’re not) though the individual packets for the cartridges seemed a little excessive! Maybe there is a reason for it?

Gilette Venus Embrace

Gilette Venus Embrace
Stuck to the glass, cos it won’t suction across small square tiles

Gilette Venus Embrace
Ignore my nails. I’ll get to them!

I got the thing together… easy enough. Seems the shower rack can hold two cartridges, while the refills are 4-8 packs. The handle was fine to hold, I didn’t drop the thing, but the question is what about the 5 blades? What can this do for me?

Apparently, a lot. It coped well with my kness, and legs, and, though it might have been due to it being new and sharp, only needed minimal soapage. My legs are smooth, except of course for the parts I miss because I dont take enough care with these things!

It retails for $14.99, and refills are $19.94 for 4, but if you’re like me, you’d look for specials and buy when on sale. I’m not sure how it goes as far as value for money, as I’ve not used it long enough yet, but it doesn’t blunt as fast as some! I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to get a 5 blade new razor set like this if I was happy with a 4 blader, but if you’re due for a new one (like I get to be because I lose or break things) then I’d say give it a go.



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1 comment for “Review: Gillette Venus Embrace

  1. Gary
    November 17, 2010 at 6:39 am

    I don’t grow hair on my legs. Pity I’m not a girl.

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