It’s hot.

It was the first day back at work.

It wasn’t the first day back at school in Canberra.

It might be cooling.

It wasn’t a good night for sleeping last night for my body or my brain.

It just made today a little harder.

It wasn’t too bad (I’m 16 days without diet coke. I want to make a month. And only the one coffee this morning.)

It’s only a four day week but a long one, with presentations and new clients and reports and large folders of unknown children who need help.

It’s gonna be fine tho :)


(Amanda Palmer tomorrow night here in Canberra!! And rumours of Ninja gig on Wed night!!! NINJAS)



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9 comments on “It.

  1. Oh man, just you wait for Amanda Palmer. I went to see her in Newcastle last night, and it was epic, just epic. I got photos with her, and I bought one of her “death paste” shirts. She is truly amazing

    1. eeeee so excited. Wish I could have also done great northern, sounds like from her blog she recorded a music vid in the upstairs of there. Haven’t been there in years!

      Tomorrow night! Then ninjas!

  2. I really have a girl crush on her. She got up on the bar for her last song and did her ukulele version of “Creep” by Radiohead. Wow.

  3. It is going to be more than fine – it’s going to be wonderful. You are wonderful.

    Except for the heat. 38 tomorrow, and like you I simply can’t sleep in this weather. I bought a fan but forgot earplugs and the noise doesn’t let me sleep… but the heat doesn’t let me sleep. GAH!

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