Friday Fun

This was a week in which:

  • I ate my first Gluten Free Crust pizza. There is good and bad in that story. More to come. They sent me flowers.
  • People wondered where in Canberra you could buy scungies. And whether Zooper Doopers were gluten free. I love Google for sending you people my way
  • I hit my head on a cupboard and got a bruise.
  • I sort of caught up on some work and got more behind and stressed about other parts
  • I’d like to have slept more

How was your week?



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6 comments on “Friday Fun

  1. OMG! Zooper doopers!! I remember loving the burningly-sweet fairy floss flavour at summer music school as a kid!!

    P.S. I’ve been meaning to message you to ask how your week was! And hope your app yesterday went well :) xox

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