Good things


  • My sandwich today at Scope on Mount Stromlo
  • Everyone else liked their food too. It’s good when things you organise work out.
  • is having a huge sale. But I probably shouldn’t buy anything. You should, though. it’s all awesome.
  • I’m in the process of organising a Nuffnang-sponsored canberra bloggers meet. Let me know if you’re keep to come along! June 19. Save the date.

Enough for now, what good thing/s happened to you today?



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6 comments on “Good things

  1. June 19th? Hahaha, I just realised that I actually haven’t checked with my family that it’s okay for me to run away during the anniversary festivites. Ooops! :P

  2. Sadly I cant do June 19th – am in Sydney that weekend :( ….

    oooh but must try scope out! I hear they are really GF friendly?

  3. I’d like a bit your luck in organising outings where everyone is happy! Every time I’ve named a place there is always something wrong … too expensive, too slow, an f-up with an order, something underdone, something overdone etc etc.
    As for good things that happened to me today – I started days off! Wheee! Kicked off with a sleep-in.

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