Teapot Earrings - Farewell Dinner at Rama's ~ the little lioness

Teapot Earrings – Farewell Dinner at Rama’s

Last night was my work farewell dinner at Rama’s at the Pearce shops. My workmates came out in good numbers for the winter school holidays, and many smiles and hugs were shared.


Farewell dinner at Rama's
Delicious Spinach Balls

One of the girls served me a yummy plate.

Farewell dinner at Rama's

We stuffed ourselves on a banquet, no idea what the dishes were, I let others take care of that for me!

After dinner, one of the group gave a small thank you speech, and I got presents from Adore Tea!

Gifts from Adore Tea


And a cute little Kimmidoll from one of my friends


I’ll miss them, but have so much ahead of me! So excited!



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1 comment for “Teapot Earrings – Farewell Dinner at Rama’s

  1. July 20, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    So glad you got showered with some serious love, my dear! And cannot WAIT to hear the details of the excitement :D

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