Chobani creamy creamy Greek Yoghurt. Oh my.

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This stuff is HEAVEN.

I tried some samples sent to me of blueberry, mango, passionfruit and one more. And they were so creamy and awesome.

Look out for Chobani this summer. mmm



  1. I actually shrieked when I saw Chobani in my parents’ fridge. Only last week, I was complaining about how much I miss Chobani and Oikos from America. AKSHDLASGBHDASDASM<DAS. Not in my Coles though :(

  2. Thanks again for the shout-out, Fiona! Our tubs can be found on shelves at Woolworths in New South Wales now, and we look forward to being nationally available early next year. Enjoy!

    Emily, Chobani

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