Purple. Sometimes are Times to Step Back.


I read a lot of blogs.

Some are gorgeously superficial. Pretty, sparkly nail polish, or cupcakes that, while I can’t eat them, look awesome.

Others are deep.

Discussion of emotions, physical and mental pain.

And while I love those people.

I just sometimes can’t read that stuff.

For my own sake.

So I step back. And stick with the pretty flowers for a while.



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5 comments on “Purple. Sometimes are Times to Step Back.

  1. Oh yes, I know what you mean. There are blogs I’ve stopped reading, but I must admit it’s less about lightness vs. darkness than the realisation that I would never actually enjoy spending time with such people in real life. And the realisation that I don’t have to feel guilty about that :) Keep taking care of yourself, precious!


  2. The purple in that flower is so beautiful. I feel the same, sometimes it’s just too difficult to read some blog posts. I try to limit the number of bloggers I follow. There isn’t enough time in the day to read everything.

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