Small Highlights to bring out smiles

One of those days, where I’ve woken up ratty, ready to pick a fight, to find something to get upset over.

One where I read between the lines.

One where my mind reading skills are at their best and their worst.

One of those days where a soothing hug just doesn’t soothe.

Where it’s the giggle of a small child that I need.

Or a bright pink flower as I pass your garden.

I found these tomatoes growing up the back corner of my parents new place.

Grown from the compost. Out of rubbish.

Picked them.

Tasted them.

And smiled.

Little balls of smiling.

From table scraps.



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6 comments on “Small Highlights to bring out smiles

  1. Hope you continue to feel brighter :)

    Well jel of those tomatoes. We once had a gigantic pumpkin grow out of our compost, it fed us for at least 6 meals.

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