I cashed a cheque today. I know, I didn’t realise that was still a thing!

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Merewether Beach

I didn’t go to the beach today.

Instead, I spent the day between the dining table and the balcony. Nerding away, blowing my nose repeatedly, and continuing to curse that my brain bounces against my skull as I cough and it hurts.

And I also watched some more Puberty Blues.

Yeah, a bit of a guilty pleasure, but it’s not the worst thing on tele at the moment. I think that honour is split between Big Brother and the X Factor.

At least.

And I love iview.

Now, I have to consider serious things, like salary packaging, HECS, tax free thresholds, and billing.


Do I hafta grow up?




  1. You don’t have to grow up all-over. Just the bits you need to get by. :)

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