Oh hai, we just met. Have you considered weight reduction surgery?

You know like lap band?


OMG some GPs are tactful.

It was only AFTER that today that she then goes on to “so the quetiapine can cause an increase in appetite. Do you want to see a dietitian? But you know surgery can help reduce your appetite come back and I can give you a referral”


“so why are you on that again? because you shouldn’t be getting in under PBS unless you have Bipolar or Schitzophrenia. They audit you know”


So after THAT I get my repeat contraceptive pill script (you know, after she can’t get a good blood pressure reading because I’m crying after she so tactfully suggests surgery and pops me on the scales. Yah, I know I’m overweight. And I know a lot is recent. So one step at a time. A dietitian would be a good idea, but geez. Bedside manner??)

At least I was bulk billed?



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19 comments on “Oh hai, we just met. Have you considered weight reduction surgery?

  1. seriously? I’d complain. Or ask to see a different doctor next time. That’s honestly plain rude & just shows they didn’t read your file *grr* I hate docs like that *hugs*

  2. Wonderful. If the fuckers aren’t filling us all up with pills they’re cutting us to pieces. I hate medical doctors.

    Don’t see that GP again I say.

    1. Don’t worry, I won’t.

      Surely the steps are to increase excerise, modify diet, investigate whether there are better meds, plus a million other things before surgery?

  3. She said wha? Oh fuck off will ya! They really have no clue do they!

    Like the others have said, see another doctor. Hope you’re not worrying about what she said, she’s obviously an idiot!

  4. That’s awful.
    At least you were bulk billed… but after a few insensitive/unsatisfying interactions like that, I now see a GP who doesn’t bulk bill me, and who I can get appointment with. I trust him, it’s worth it!

  5. PS: when you find a GP you like, you could have an EPC referral to see a Dietician… who might be able to suggest some things you haven’t thought of!

  6. Oh, my! That’s a pretty horrible thing to say, even for a GP, regardless of any underlying medical concern!

    I suggest you be kind to yourself. I’ve reached that magic age when weight goes on easily, and leaves only after putting up a terrible fight. I think I look horrible and resolve constantly to do something, anything, about it. Thankfully, saner people surround me and remind me that it’s not that bad.
    So, regardless of what that GP may have said, or even how you feel right now, remember that who you are is still who people love.
    Only change what you want to change so that you feel the best you can feel.

    Hang in there, Fi.

  7. Some GPs are pathetic! I hate how they make assumptions and do so in a way that’s not tactful at all! I mean, I know I make assumptions too as part of my job but at least we are taught to put it across nicely. Find another GP. Fast!!!

  8. Some GPs are just awful. I’ve been through quite a few since my family one retired :(. Problem is you start to look like a doctor-shopper >:(

  9. I’m so sorry you had this experience. My jaw literally dropped at the suggestion of surgery.

    Take care. Dry your eyes. Hideous Dr. Hugs.

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