A spot of Housekeeping: Password protected posts, reviews and ads. ~ the little lioness

A spot of Housekeeping: Password protected posts, reviews and ads.

Hellllooooooooo my loverlies!

Just wanted to write a few ‘housekeeping’ notes :)

On password protected posts: I’ve decided that I want to write about the therapy sessions I go to, and it’s easiest for me to type things out some days. Rather than exposing all the ins and outs for the world to see, but while keeping an ordered record, I’ve decided to make these password protected posts on my blog (with some completely private ones at times). That way, I can get it out, have a record, share with the people I want to, and perhaps go public in 5 years when life is smoother. Or not! :p

So, if you’d like the password, email me at phonakins@gmail.com. I may of course say ‘no’ and that’s probably either because I have NO idea who you are, or I work with you :p Also, don’t ask if you know you’ll feel uncomfortable reading it. And don’t stress if it takes me awhile. I get lazy with email sometimes.

Does that make sense? I looked into registered users being able access certain posts etc, but it all looked too hard. Plus, it’s also possible that I’ll change the password on you either deliberately or accidentally at some stage, haven’t decided what I’ll do then, but Gmail remembers for all eternity, so it should be easy for me to find who will want it :p


On review posts: I’ve gotten a bit of a backlog of awesome things in the post lately, from jams to deodorant to sleeping potion. I’m way behind, so exect a bunch of posts, or one or two mega posts on this stuff at some stage.


On blog ads: I thought I might try again at using Passionfruit ads as an ad management system.I’m offering 3 sizes of ads, with $10 discount using the code tenoff (which means you can get a free 125x125px ad for a month if you want). Check out this page if you’re keen. They will run in the right sidebar, under the Twitter box in monthly blocks.


I think that is all.

Here’s a picture that was tagged as “cute” in my Flickr stream….

Bag from Jen @ RedInstead.com.au




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