Why can't you just.... ??? ~ the little lioness

Why can’t you just…. ???

Directed at myself in anger.

Why can’t you just … Speak you mind?
Why can’t you just … Hold it together?
Why can’t you just … See things for what they are?
Why can’t you just … Stop overreacting?
Why can’t you just … Take care of yourself?
Why can’t you just … Be happy for your achievements?
Why can’t you just … Snap out of it?
Why can’t you just … Know what you’re meant to do?

How you’re meant to be.
Who you’re meant to be.
How to work in this world.

Such anger in how I say it to myself. Out aloud but to myself in my session.

Speaking of how I just want to give myself a good shake.

And wake up to myself.

Wishing I could go back in time and give my six and sixteen year old selves the same shake.

Before it becomes too entrenched.

In theory I know what to do,

But why can’t I just do it?



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1 comment for “Why can’t you just…. ???

  1. Kellie
    June 22, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    Sometimes I need a shaking. Funny how familiar this all sounds.
    I like your blog :)

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