What do YOU care about this election? ~ the little lioness

What do YOU care about this election?

I’m reading the news, my timeline and twitter feed, wondering what it is that I care about enough to cast a vote for. Yes, I’m a member of the Australian Sex Party, and will be handing out my how to votes to try to get them into the senate again this year. But where will my own votes be directed? (yes, I’m a below the line voter. Yes, that is insane in NSW and Victoria. But I do it anyway.)

Saying all that, I DO wish that I was in Victoria. Because then I could vote for Leslie Cannold in the Senate.

An amazing speaker, advocate for women and abortion rights.

I have to admit, that the Wikileaks candidates appear to be such intelligent, qualified people. Almost too smart for Australian politics.

In reality, as I number my preferences down the page in the upper and lower house, I ultimately find my preferences going to the Greens. Then to Labor. Then to the Liberals/Nationals.

I feel uncomfortable voting for the Labor party in so many ways. I hate the way the party is run, the inability to dissent without finding yourself booted out. I’m sure they believe it gives them a united front, but really it just leaves people disgruntled on the party room floor.

But the LNP makes me feel even worse.

Honestly, I’m still sorting out in my own head how my preferences will roll. And wondering if it even matters in my Labor seat of Charlton.



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