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Doing well ‘considering’

Had a GP appointment today, to renew one of my scripts for my head-stuff.

A doctor I’d seen once before. For some reason I do better with the younger male doctors rather than any other group. I rarely feel under the microscope. Like I can talk fairly freely without feeling like I’m waiting for a hole to be poked in my story. To be told I’m overracting.

So, I go back to those ones. I have a couple of options now at the practice I go to at least.

And a script for my antipsychotics.

Gotta be good for everyone, considering I ran through much of what has happened since my last appointment in November.

Yeah, I’m doing okay.

Not great.

But okay, all things considered.



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  1. March 6, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Glad you’re doing ok, Fiona. I think I always 60% hate going to the doctor. The other 40% just wants to satiate my curiosity and hear I’m doing fine/unchanged. I hate feeling so vulnerable and exposed talking to or being with a doctor. You have a lot of patience to bear it without complaining!

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