Here are a few of my favourite things (from Because Shana sponsored me for #Liptember) ~ the little lioness

Here are a few of my favourite things (from Because Shana sponsored me for #Liptember)

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So the gorgeous Shana from sponsored me for #Liptember (and you can too!) I LOVE the things in her store, and have bought many of them over the years… here’s a few that I love the most!

I’ve been wearing this necklace HEAPS since I first got it – every time Ez sees it she exclaims “KEY!!!” and tried to claim it as her own.

Skeleton Key necklace

The Dark Infinity Necklace has had a good run on my throat…

Halloween 2009
This heart padlock choker. Its keys come as earrings! Unfortunately it’s not currently available, but the Double Padlock version is along with a double padlock bracelet, which I have and find really tricky to put on, but it’s cute as when on!

Double Padlock version

I also love my:

Rainbow Kitty Hat

Mini Sushi Necklace


The robot with headphones plush that I hope one day returns!!!

My favouritist thing in the whole store though?


The necklace of the month club!!! For this gem of a thing, you pay $189.99 (plus a bit extra for international postage) and each month for a year you get one of Shana’s necklaces at your door. So much cute and pretty!

Thanks again for sponsoring me for Liptember!!!



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