Friday Drinks! Moscow Mule with Buderim Ginger

Moscow Mule

I was sent some ginger beer and ginger refresher from Buderim Ginger to try, and I HAD to do moscos mules. Vodka and lime from Aldi (fresh limes were $1 each, so pass!) and the bitey ginger from the beer can, or like below and bitey-er ginger if you use the ginger refresher and soda water. (or less bitey, but I like more!!!)

Moscow Mule

What’s to drink at yours tonight?



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One Response to “Friday Drinks! Moscow Mule with Buderim Ginger”

  1. Hugzilla says:

    Oh gawd, I could hammer one of those right now. I have a dry house. And it’s Friday night. For shame!

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