I read too much (aka do you think I'm a bludger?) ~ the little lioness

I read too much (aka do you think I’m a bludger?)


I read too much online. Too many stories about the gov being arseholes. Them being dickheads to asylum seekers, or being bitches to those on Newstart or the DSP.

Them wanting to tell us we are and make us feel like second class citizens…. because we don’t have a job, because we “claim” to have a mental illness and/or disability… and so much be BLUDGERS TRYING TO RORT THE SYSTEM and screw over you, the taxpayer.

Um, haven’t I been a “taxpayer”? Haven’t I earned $77k a year and paid the associated tax so that I could support the system that I thought we had in Australia? One which knows that people need help at times. That knows that some need full time help and some others need a foot up. A foot that isn’t just cracking the whip and saying “GET A FUCKING JOB” but helping us into a place where we CAN apply for jobs. Where we CAN be the most suitable candidate. where we get OF THE DOLE, because, we mostly want to.

I try.

I do the volunteering. I have tertiary qualifications. I did really f-in good in my HSC.

I have mental health issues. Which means my references aren’t there because i tend to leave jobs at my lowest points.

Which doesn’t mean I can’t work again… it’s just hard to get that chance.



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