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Get Started With Online Gaming

Content written by Louise Evans

Gaming is a super fun activity, because it can be as social or anti-social as you’d like. For example, you can buy a console and play tons of games which work really well in a social setting (or even as an ice-breaker at work, true story!), or you can choose to indulge in some rather more private ones at home or whilst you’re out and about for a little ‘downtime’.
Perhaps the best way to game in this day and age is to just go on the internet. It’s a cheap way of really having a laugh and there are tons of arcades and casinos online which will allow you to have heaps of fun!

Tomb Raider – The Secret Of The Sword

Say hello to one of your new favourite pokies! If you’re into winning but also some good, old themed fun, online pokies are the best option. There are loads of different themed casinos online, so you’ll never be bored, but this Tomb Raider gem is sure to be an absolute favourite. If you loved the Tomb Raider movies, playing this as a slot game with 32Red Australia will give you hours of enjoyment.
Possibly the best thing about it is that it goes above and beyond the basic slots you might have played in casinos. It’s not just about winning (although that’s a pretty huge bonus!) it’s also about the actual experience, so time will fly. You can watch possibly the world’s most kick-ass woman, Lara Croft, shoot medallions away to reveal little bonuses for you, and you’ll feel like you’re really travelling across the globe with her looking for a legendary – and valuable – sword. There’s even enemy rivalry, so how’s that for a backstory?
You’ll legitimately forget that you’re ‘just’ playing online pokies, because of the insanely realistic graphics, which are so realistic you’ll practically think you’re there! This is a super developed game which deserves commending for providing a genuine user experience… and of course, those all-important coins!

Bejeweled Blitz

This game probably won’t win any prizes for originality, but it doesn’t really need to. Bejeweled Blitz is accessible and aesthetically pleasing, so they’re definitely onto a winner!
It’s great for those days where you’re pushing off a big project, like work or less important things like studying (ha, kidding!), but it’ll seem important in itself whilst you’re trying to beat your high score.
In fact, the premise it SO unbelievably easy that you can even do it on a hangover, you’re basically just switching gemstones around to make little rows and win points.
The only downside is the fact that it’s played through Facebook. Not only can you take it EVERYWHERE, like a loser, your friends will all see how lame you are because your scores may well flash up in their tracker. Oops.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a little like vegemite – we all either love it or we hate it – but it’s made a name for itself for a reason. You can either play it online or as an app downloaded on your phone, and you can even link it up with social media for help from your friends – just don’t be surprised if you annoy them so much you’re off their Christmas card list.
The pros: It looks cute, it’s so easy, and it’s a great way of killing some time. The cons? You literally KILL YOUR TIME. It’s addictive!
What do you win? Well, erm… nothing. Just satisfaction that you reached an incredibly high level. Congratulations!

​Candy crush saga's business model

Pirates Bingo

Need more themed stuff in your life? Online bingo is now the favourite pastime of loads of people, not just your granny! Everyone loves pirates, so combining this with talking like one and actually being able to WIN is like a real bonus!
Cyber Bingo held an online ‘Pirates Bingo Tourney’ for example, and people seemed to really love it! If it sounds like your thing, or you’re just curious about the kinds of bingo out there, why not start exploring? We warn you, like most games online, you’re going to want to set aside heaps of time!



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