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4 Strategies for Cleaner Floors This Spring

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When winter finally eases its grip and warmer weather moves in, you might find that windy, wet spring conditions make keeping your home’s floors clean a big challenge. People and pets track in mud, dead leaves, and all types of dirt, soiling hardwood and carpeted floors alike. However, there are a few tricks you can use to keep dirt and debris outside where it belongs instead of spending all your spare time sweeping and vacuuming as spring rolls around.


1.     Keep Some Entrances Closed


If you have back and side doors on your home, this usually means more sweeping and mopping as snow melts and you battle muddy or wet footprints each time family members come and go. To reduce the amount of debris being tracked in, you can keep one or more entrances closed until the weather turns warmer. This can be especially helpful for entrances that face directions where the wind blows in from most often, as more debris might enter the home on blustery days.


2.     Keep Interior Doors Shut


Sometimes, windy weather or negative air pressure in your HVAC system can cause doors to fly open and push dirt, hair, and other types of debris into corners and even as far as rooms on the other side of the house. After some time, each room’s floor may become more challenging to clean. To prevent this, keep interior bathroom and bedroom doors shut whenever possible.


3.     Use Door Mats at Every Entrance


Because dirt and mud people and pets track inside can contribute to built-in grime that makes floors difficult to clean, preventing it from entering your home in the first place can be important. Putting a door mat at each entrance is an effective way to trap dirt, but only if you use them properly.


When choosing door mats for your home, consider what type of dirt gets tracked in most often. If you live in an area that features a temperate but wet spring, choose a rubber mat with wide squares and a wire mesh that fits the underside so that your guests can scrape mud from their shoes. If you live where springtime is dry and windy, choose a mat that is easy to pick up and shake out. The type of mat you choose can go a long way in keeping dirt outside, where it belongs.


4.     Give Your Pets Their Own Entrance


Dogs that gallop through puddles and mud and then charge into the house along with your kids can be tough on your floors, and you may find yourself mopping up paw prints almost constantly during the wet weather. While you cannot teach your pets to wipe their feet, you might consider installing a pet door at an entrance where you can keep them confined until they dry off or until you can wipe their feet. A short length of hallway, covered with rubber mats, can go a long way in keeping the rest of your floors cleaner.


The fight to keep your floors clean during the spring can be daunting, especially if you have children and pets. However, keeping these strategies in mind as spring arrives can help you win the day and enjoy the warmer weather instead of dreading it.








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