Tips to Get your Body Bikini Ready

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It’s that time of year again – to start getting ready to look good on the beach. It takes time and effort but it‘s all worth it. So, here are some tips to get started on the right foot.

Choosing a Suit that Suits

When you consider that a bikini is designed to accomplish its purpose using the least amount of fabric possible, you may wonder why any cost more than $5. Nevertheless, it is not the quantity of fabric but the plethora of design tailor-made to bring out the best of many different body types.

This doesn’t mean you need to find yourself the $400 option at the swankiest spot on 5th Ave. But, you will get much more from your bikini by researching the various styles and options available to you and your unique body. This can do much for improving the way you feel about yourself and the kind of attention you are getting in your swimwear.

The best way to accomplish this would be with the help of a discerning friend with a good eye. Take the time to try on the various bikini types and see how each type of top can combine with the various bottoms. You may think a pushup top works with a low-rise bottom, or that a triangle top looks best with skirt or boy shorts.

If you don’t think a yellow sweater or pair of pants is the best look for you, it will look know better on you in bikini form. If you think that patterns are attractive options just be sure it is not detracting from the overall presentation. You will need to do plenty of research and try on as many options as you can. But this will be a lot better than ordering online or from a catalogue where colors and sizes can be deceitful.

Move the focus.

So, you still have bit of a belly or possibly your shoulders are getting round from desk work. It’s ok, we can move the attention to where it will do the most good. Your beautiful long hair can be accentuated, let’s flaunt that. If you have eyes that can be seen for mile, a bit of waterproof mascara will do the trick. If you have the skin of porcelain angel consider adding some color with a bronzer or tinted moisturizer. If you have pretty teeth, you can accentuate your smile with some whitening strips. The day at the beach or pool is a day to dress up and taking a few moment to make the most of your look is the way to do this. Just remember, you are probably being much harder on yourself than others are on you.


If you will be wearing just enough cloth to make a napkin, you may want to consider the beauty of your skin. Human skin is a marvel of evolutionary genius and can regenerate wounds and scuffs almost immediately. As new skin cells are constantly pushing older skin cells outward, your top layer of skin can look a bit rough around the edges. This can make the arms legs and torso appear scaly and dry. This is easily corrected with a proper exfoliant. One idea would be to use a loofah, scrubby or brush with stiff bristles (but nothing to rough). Then there are some very costly creams and even acid containing exfoliants used to soften up the skins and make the process simpler. You can also make your very own exfoliants from the mundane ingredients you can find in your kitchen and pantry area. Here is a simple and Effective Recipe for a Homemade Exfoliant
–2 teaspoons cocoa powder
–1/2 cup brown or raw sugar
–1 teaspoon vitamin E
–1/2 cup almond or coconut oil

Slather this liberally on your body front and back work it into your skin with gentle scrubbing action and then hop in the shower and rinse. Then look over the youthful rejuvenated skin you have and marvel at mother nature’s flawless designs.

Hair care down there.

Due to the material efficiency of the bikini and the great improvement in fabrics and designs, the bikini is getting much smaller than your average bathing suit. Special cuts can be more revealing than others and addressing the short and curlies can be a good idea. While shaving is typically the most simplistic solution, the results will need to be repeated soon. With the right razors and skin cream this is a good option. Then there are cream and wax strips that can be purchased at your drug store, you will have to shop around till you find the most effective option for your situation. Then there is a wide variety of designs available from your waxing professional. With enduring results and professional touch, these options might be worth the momentary ouch! Then there is laser hair removal that can provide a permanent solution to the problem with unsightly hair. Make sure you work with a reputable professional and take the time to hear about their process. If they aren’t administering numbing agents and full service, shop elsewhere. This can be an expensive option, so be sure you have the resources to support this project. You can find out more here.

The tan advantage.

Have you noticed that the “after” pictures will be tanned and look healthier than the “befores”? This is because a tanned body shows better muscle definition and can also disguise the appearance of stretch marks and other flaws. This doesn’t mean you should head off to the beach with a can of Crisco and crisp till you sizzle. Too much solar exposure can cause a severe sunburn which can actually make the skin less appealing. But, there are tanning salons and air brushers out there who can perform the task as well. This can be a good way to jump ahead of the game and arrive on the first day of summer completely tanned and beach ready.

Avoid the bloat.

There are times the bloat is just not avoidable. But there are things that can be done for the rest of the month to keep the belly in control. Alcohol is the number one bloater and avoiding this can keep your belly in a shapely size. Foods that are high in sodium like tasty crunchy treats and prepackaged soups will also contribute to flatter belly and healthier outlook.


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