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Create a Cooler, Comfortable Home

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Dealing with the heat of summer is easy for some, but more of a struggle for others. The one place where you want to feel comfortable, no matter what, is in your own home. If you feel like it’s not cool enough during the summer, the best time to start thinking about making some changes could be in the autumn and winter. It’s better to make some changes while it’s cool enough to do it, or at least consider how you might be more prepared when it starts to heat up. Air-conditioning will keep your home cool, but there are cheaper and more natural ways to do it too.

Control the Sunlight Entering Your Home

All of the light coming into your home can really heat it up throughout the day. Then the heat can get trapped and make everything uncomfortable. Having better control of the sunlight helps, and there are plenty of ways to do it. If you’re looking for a stylish option, custom made plantation shutters are a smart interior choice. For anyone who wants something purely practical, even blackout blinds can do the job. Keeping your home dark will help to make it cooler, and you can still let some light in if you have something like Venetian blinds or slatted shutters.

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Keep Everything Open

Closing up different rooms when you’re not using them might seem to make sense, but it’s not the best idea when you’re trying to keep your home cool. Cooler air won’t flow through to these rooms, so they can heat up and make the rest of your home heat up too. Opening up doors to let air flow through the house is a better idea. Even better, you can consider making the layout of your home more open-plan. That doesn’t have to mean knocking walls through. You could rearrange your furniture for a more open and airy feel too.

Create a Cooler Bed

Getting to sleep during the summer can be one of the worst things. If you struggle to sleep when it’s hot, running your AC or a ceiling fan all the time can seem like the only option. But if you make some changes to your bed, you could start having much more relaxing nights. Changing your sheets to cooling cotton is a good start, but you can also add a few things to your bed. Try getting a cooling pillow so that you don’t have to keep turning yours over to the cool side. You can even make your sheets slightly damp or put them in the freezer for a bit before going to bed.

Shade Your Home

Another way to control the light coming into your home is to create more shade around it. Planting trees around your home or adding awnings and similar features can help to protect your home from the harsh light and heat of the sun. This is something you’ll want to think about a while before summer arrives so you can get ready.

Get ready for later in the year by thinking about how to prepare your home for summer. You can create a cool home in a more natural way and save money on your air-conditioning.



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