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Make The Change In Yourself: What We All Need To Help The Planet

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There’s a massive focus on the impact of plastics on our carbon footprint. But while governments are very hot on the fact that cutting back on detrimental materials in favor of recyclable ones is a great leap forward, the onus should still be on us to have an impact on our planet positively. While there are so many rules and regulations out there, and by following these, we can all make a decent impact on the outcome of global warming, the environmental impact and so forth, it should be down to each and everyone of us to understand what we can do all by ourselves. So, what can you do specifically to benefit the planet, not just in an environmental sense, but also, a personal one?

Understand Your Personal Impact
The best way anybody can get an understanding of their own personal impacts on the planet, not just in an environmental sense, but in a personal sense, is to go inwards. Do you find that having a luxurious home makes you happy? Or is being a material person actually distracting you from the real issues in life? Whether you’re looking to benefit the planet in an environmental sense, or you want to be a better person, looking at what your impact is on everyone else is the place to begin. You can examine things like your diet. For example, the more meat you consume, the bigger your carbon footprint is going to be. So you need to think about how to offset this, especially if you want to continue eating meat. There are resources online, like carbon footprint calculators, so you can look at what you are creating over the space of a year, but there are also resources that can help every single one of us, such as Zero Waste Living, which gives details on how to live a zero carbon footprint life. Whatever your goals are, making sure that you delve into yourself and know exactly what you want out of life will make you a better person as a result, which will impact on everyone else around you.

Pay It Forward
Do you find yourself to be selfish in some ways? You might not think of yourself as a Scrooge-like person, but if you find yourself fiercely protective of your own wants and needs, you might be reticent to perform random acts of kindness. This is something that can create a ripple effect. And it doesn’t have to be a major gesture, a smile, opening a door for someone, or buying a homeless person some food, are all simple things that yield a positive result for others. And while doing these things can make you happy, this isn’t the goal. Instead, the idea is to inspire others to do the same. And the great thing about it is that it’s not difficult. We are certainly more selfish nowadays, and operating with that I’m Alright Jack mentality doesn’t benefit humankind at all.

To Thine Own Self Be True
If you’re looking to benefit the planet in an environmental sense, you need to think about what you really want to do to bring about change. The same can be said if you want to benefit other people. We have to start with ourselves, and have a true sense of authenticity in what we do in our lives. If you find that you’ve been living a false life, and not actually being true to yourself, there is no need to feel guilty about it, you can make this conscious change now. By bringing authenticity to every situation in your life, not only will this help to inspire others, but it’s something that will make you sleep easier at night in an emotional sense. Knowing you’ve done your best in any given situation, and being true to every action you undertake, rather than telling small lies or being deceitful, yields much more positive results. Shakespeare said “to thine own self be true”, and he was right. In any way you want to benefit the world, either through political action, improving the environment, or just helping people, including yourself, being authentic is the best course of action to achieve any proper solution.

As we get older, we can look back on our lives and have numerous regrets, but for those who are true to their beliefs, and have done everything they can, will have no regrets. This is the best way in which to operate through life, and if you want to improve the environment, improve relationships, or just want to walk through life with an air of confidence, looking at your own personal impact, being kind, but also being true to yourself are the three most impactful pillars anybody can have on the world in which we live in.



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