xmas nail

christmas xmas nail polish art

So here we have a Butter red glitter, a Ulta3 in black plum and a Boe from Big w in green glitter.

Which ends up like this:

christmas nails

mas nails


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Hey Ho Let’s Go!

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guitar hero

So. Guitar Hero is one of those things I’ve been scared of. Scared of Trying. And being USELESS at.

But, with an enthusiastic boyfriend (who is working towards having all Guitar Hero titles for XBox 360), I’ve been able to move on from trying to sing to actually trying to do the bass lines. Which is FUN, except for Metallica :p

So, I could save you Baby, but it isn’t worth my time.

Nirvana is my fave, because I SING and do the BASS line.

You’re my guitar hero.



Who likes picking?! Me!




Come to the fair!!

Commons village fair

It looks like I’ll be volunteering on the day (both cos it’s a great idea and because Centrelink). See you there?

The Commons Village Fair
Sat 6th Dec, 1-4pm
at the Commons –
150 Beaumont st Hamilton

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Bestest $5 wine ever #aldi

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I’ve been saying it all year, the Aldi El Toro Macho Tempranillo is the best $5 wine ever, and beats out soooooo many $15 wines on taste and drinkability.

And now the critics agree. Six Aldi wines, including this one, were ranked in the top 280 available in Australia. And there’s a damn lot of wines available here!

El Toro Macho Tempranillo Aldi Wine

So, buy it! You won’t be disappointed!


Xmas e cook book

We know that Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, and a time to remember others less fortunate than ourselves. This Christmas we can support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) as well as help our families reduce the amount of sugar that we all consume during the holiday season.

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease among children. That’s why JDRF are on a mission to keep people with T1D healthy and safe until they find a cure and universal prevention.

In return for your donation you will receive a fantastic Christmas sugar-free recipe eBook with a range of desserts, main courses, salads and nibbles. Sweetened with all natural, low calorie, sugar alternatives, developed by a national list of celebrated foodies, cooks and chefs.
Your recipe eBook will be sent out via email on 1st December 2014. Plus, all pre-ordered editions will receive 5 BONUS sugar-free recipes.

Pre-order the book here for a $5 donation!


Well Naturally have offered you my loverly readers two chocolate bundles to win! Each pack contains three share blocks and two bars of Well Naturally‘s No Added Sugar chocolate.

Well Naturally is launching a new range of No Sugar Added Chocolate family share blocks in both dark and milk varieties (available in the health section of Woolworths and in independent supermarkets and health food stores). The 90g blocks are available in Dark Chocolate: in Mint Crisp, Rich Dark and Acai varieties; and Milk Chocolate: in Creamy Milk and Fruit & Nut varieties. Well Naturally is also integrating its popular AntiOx brand under the Well Naturally No Sugar Added umbrella.

For your chance to win, answer the question “What would you give up for a guilt-free chocolate treat?” in the comments section below, making sure to leave a valid email address so I can get that chocolate heading your way sooner rather than later!

Australian residents only, entries close Midnight Thursday December 4th. This is a game of skill and the most entertaining or interesting answers will win :)



So, I got a nice chunky voucher to use over at Ozsale.com.au, and, after browsing a bunch of options, like Footware and Kids, i was good to myself a managed to get three cute as dresses for under $100.


All three are Worship dresses, two the same design with different prints and the other a bit different for me.


I love and hate buying from these clearance sites, LOVE the prices, but am always scared something won’t fit. But two worked out well, the green which you don’t see will be passed on to a friend! Cute dresses to wear into the summer social season!


I maaaaaay have gotted red cabbage on my dress at the pickling workshop. but the OMO 48 hour I picked up at the Blogger’s Brunch did the trick!




Fox and Owl, Rimmel Polish

Fox and Owl, Rimmel Polish

On my left hand, I have Mmm, Cupcakes with a Rimmel white (London Clouds) for the base.

Fox and Owl, Rimmel Polish

On my right, is Starship, with the same Rimmel white base.

Fox and Owl, Rimmel Polish

On the weekend, I was also interspersing with Pretty Evil over a quick-dry 60-second Rimmel in Midnight Rendezvous

Fox and Owl, Rimmel Polish

Really helped my sauerkraut making!

Christmas bling!

And my Xmas bling!



As much as I love a good hamper with wine and nuts and all the trimmings, there’s only so much you can take as far as eduble goodies go at Christmas. In between the food, the wine, and the food, pacing is hard and those hampers might just get pushed to one side, forgotten about until the decadence and hedonism is over.

Hedonism Bot

Two awesome bunches of flowers for my birthday!

The flowers at the top of the page are really gorgeous with their reuseable buckets , and would look great on the dining table or on your hallway table as your guests walk in. One of my previous (legengary) mas cocktail parties saw me filling buckets like this with all the chockie coins and santas I could load up on at the nearby Aldi.

Xmas Cocktail Party

But we know how cocktail parties end, right? Clearly, with us all admiring the decorations after a few too many…. and cozying down with Santa or Mrs Claus….

Xmas Cocktail Party

Or you might have one of those tricky “too close to the Baby Jesus’s” birthday people, who don’t always get separate bday and xmas gifties.

happy flowers

Maybe a Bright Bunch of Happy arriving on THEIR special day? Or perhaps a week or two after Christmas, you can sent a lovely Thankyou bouquet to your mother/auntie/sister/niece/brother who hosted you all on Xmas day and did all the prep as a labour of love, if only to see the youngest members of the family tear open gifts from Santa, interspersed with gorging on the ample chips, candy and xmas lolly mix provided on the table.

NewcastleXmas2010 115

Fresh Flowers can deliver to Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, but not yet Newcastle or other cool areas like the gong and CBR. I will keep my eye on that!

Have you given flowers before at Xmas? Or do you prefer the “keeper” gifts?


Recent Yums!

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only organic
Ez loved the Only Organic tube foods I brought home from the Bloggers’ Brunch :)

only organic

Two elk cider
Two Elk Cider

cold cocktails
Cold drinks on a hot not yet summer day

frozen coke
$1 Frozen Coke

Getting home delivery the day before pension day via Menulog using money that was in my paypal from blogging gigs.

hans meats
Eating the Hans Oliving cocktail franks coldfrom the fridge, one at a time for snacks.

light and crispy shapes
Light & Crispy Shapes

Shortbreads from Brumby’s

bake in bag fish
Woolie’s marinade bake in the bag fish

fish and chips
With chips.

salmon and lettuce sandwich
Salmon and Lettuce sandwiches on fresh white bread

eating grapes with chopsticks
Ice cold grapes with chop sticks!


Calling out “quackery”

November 21, 2014 · 4 comments

Movember Launch

So, today I attended a lunch time webinar – *Special Event Supporting Movember* Reclaim Your Body, Your Energy and Your Life, because my professional assosciation had been given a bunch of free reqistrations, and I thought, why not? I have time and like learning things!

It was offered to a number of assosciations who use the CPD Live platform for their online CPD events, including Financial Planning Australia and The Institute of Public Accountants. This is the link from the main CPD Live homepage. when I checked, there were 71 attendees taking 90 minute of their time, hoping to learn more about their health.

The Blurb:

Session Overview

You can take some very small steps that will become giant strides toward exceptional health, wellbeing and vitality. Disease is not an accident. You can be abundantly healthy, energetic and alive.

Join exercise physiologist and gifted educator John Toomey for a Nuts and Bolts Education forum as he shares with you just how easy it is to take those small steps.

Why do you yawn at 10:30 in the morning?

Why do you sometimes struggle through the afternoon?

How is it that you struggle to get motivated to exercise?

Why is your cholesterol high and what does that even mean?

Little, if any of this is genetic. You can, with some simple changes, create extraordinary changes in your health, sense of wellbeing and your energy levels. You can slash your risk of disease and put all of your attention on creating a great life, never worrying about what might take you out.

Come on in and get some cool tools to rebuild your life.

What you will learn:

The causes of lethargy, fatigue and low motivation
What really causes heart disease and cancer
How to make small changes to have a massive impact
How to quickly get rid of snoring, sleep apnoea, gastric reflux, night sweats and fatigue.
How to quickly and effectively lose weight.

Who should attend:
Anyone who is male, who employs or manages males, or who is perhaps married to or cares about a male.

The presenter, John Toomey was described as
“Exercise Physiologist, Gifted Educator and Communicator
Global Wellness”

The Wellness part should have given me alarm bells, but I took it all in good faith.

The seminar started innocently enough, telling us all to drink more water to help combat lethargy,

Then he brought up a slide about swimming pools.

Yep, you know what this is going.

Some talk about pH, and then launches into the benefits of going alkaline and testing the pH of our urine to know if our blood was going right, and yeah….

I flicked up a couple of links into the chat box about alkaline diets – Skeptic’s Dictionary (which drew the comment “oh there will always be skeptics you have to make up your own mind”), SkepticGirl and, yeah I know, Wikipedia.

He promised us a copy of his ebook … which included a lovely alkalising foods chart which you can google. I didn’tmake it that far, so I can’t share that I’m sorry.

Determined to hear him out, I stuck with the talking for another 15 mins or so.

Until he cited all that stuff that was deemed biased in the now pulled Catalyst program on Lipitor and other anticholesterol medications.

The program focused heavily on the opinions of US experts – one of whom believes vaccines can cause autism and another who promotes chiropractic and chelation for heart problems – while a number of high-profile Australian experts were not used.
One, the University of Sydney head of cardiology, David Celermajer, told Fairfax Media he felt only the evidence that supported the agenda of the program was included.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/health/abc-will-take-down-two-controversial-catalyst-episodes-on-heart-disease-20140512-zra0y.html#ixzz3Jh44mL2I

John stopped himself from telling people to stop them…. pretty much by saying I shouldn’t tell you to stop them, but you should go to your doctor and tell them they don’t work.

This is when I basically had to call it a day. I was getting riled up, it was a million degrees outside and I had better things to do. I wish I’d remembered that it was the catalyst program that I was thinking of before I signed off, to share that info with the other participants, but I didn’t, and that’s that.

Straight after I signed off, I made a slightly snarky comment on the Speech Pathology Australia chat board that I’d gotten the original sign up link from, saying it was quackery and misleading and I was disappointed. Slight regret at my working, but it was true how I felt! Obviously it wasn’t a SPA event, and they were quick to point that out, and to inform me that they will only be using their own speakers in that medium form now on, or ones they know the content of. Which pleased me greatly :)

I’m all for people eating healthy and making inquiries and questioning what’s the best medicine for them, but not for them to be misled by someone claiming expertise in an area and gussying it up as some sort of favour for Movember. Movember which does such great work at supporting research and education on Men’s Health matters and mental health.

End rant?

For now ;)