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Sharing because it is an awful read. And that means it needs to be shared far and wide.


A Comment A Day

July 1, 2014 · 11 comments

I’m going to try to fulfill my pledge of a comment a day this July
(way more likely than Dry July, but go you anyone who is doing it!)

Going to edit this post with the blogs I’ve visited as I go :)

Hope to get to 31!!!

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On My Mind

June 28, 2014 · 2 comments

(a soundtrack to this post…..)

In no particular order, other than the tabs open in my browser…..

  • Why do we care about Peter Greste and co’s ridiculous trial an imprisonment? Well, let’s see, if a white Aussie male can’t get justice, who can in this world? (or the Egyptian world anyway). In six months, the current regime will be the terrorists. Not saying the Muslim Brotherhood aint, I just know that in a world of suss elections and coups, the hero becomes the villain quickly. Especially when there is a silence put on freedom of press and information neither getting to the people of that country or the outside world. Peter Greste being imprisoned is not just about a few journalists being in jail, it’s about all the abhorrent things that a government or military can do when there is no-one there to report on it.
  • 152 people are on a boat in distress nearing Christmas Island. Maritime code would say if anyone is nearby, you suck up the day or so out of your schedule and you pick these poor people up and feed them til you hit the next port. But that isn’t how it works once Australia is involved, hey Tampa crew? No, we figure that since they made it all the way from their persecution in Sri Lanka or India to “our” waters, clearly we can push back that boat. You know, because a 50/50 chance of torture is still good odds once they make it back.
    Fifty percent chance of torture.
  • I used to have issues when the cops were called to assist with “behaviour management” at a special high school I visited….. no wonder these children were terrified enough to run away after their classmates go taken to immigration detention. These kids watch the news, they know the next step is offshore processing or self-immolation. I’d hide too.
  • Franz Ferdinand married for love. So cool. Here’s a lemon that looks like a hand from one of their palaces in Vienna….
    Freaky Citrus!!!
  • Six months without income is insane.
  • There better not be a wine shortage in Newcastle after this truck fire on the M1 today!

What’s on your mind today?


Remember when we all left comments on blogs? I looked at some of my old blog posts, and they’re full of discussions, friendly notes, silly pictures, and occasionally spin off into random banter. I have made friends via blog comments, and found interesting other blogs through the links left by commenters.

Now, all conversations about blog posts happen externally – mostly on social media – and blog comment sections themselves are either empty or filled with spam.

It’s easy to blame others for not leaving comments, but be honest: when did you leave a friendly blog comment yourself? Let’s be the change we want to see, and all that. Let’s leave our own friendly blog comments on others’ blogs, and try to get back a small fraction of the early ‘00s web community.

Read more at http://easternblot.net/2014/06/26/take-back-the-comments-sections/

So this is why Eva has tried to rally us all around making comments again. Actual comments, not just sharing links, or talking on Facebook or Twitter and never clicking through to the post.

Join us? I’ll be your best friend!

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I’m looking for work.

Centrelink tells me I need to contact 10 prospective employers a week.

Clearly that’s more than there are speechie jobs in my region.

So I go further afield… Bourke. Albury. Wagga.

And then add in other jobs. like home care.

and get a “you’re overqualified” email.

Keep trekkin.


An overnight trip up the coast for a 25th “lezziversary”

An awesome side of the road find (see above)

Another interview tomorrow. Blech.

Sleep please?


  1. Today :: Tonight
  2. Lips :: sealed
  3. Seethe :: Seether is neither loose nor tight
  4. Desired :: lusted
  5. Patrol :: boat
  6. Nails :: coffin
  7. Pastry :: coffee
  8. Jacket :: potato
  9. Button :: nose
  10. Feel :: sad




The above biscuits were (inspired by the multitasking mummy’s):
250g butter… creamed with
1 cup of Natvia Icing Mix (or normal icing mix :p I got the natvia as a sample, and when the bikkies are cold they taste fine, when warm they have a bit of an aftertaste.)
a splash of vanilla essence

Then sift in 2.5 cups of flour


Make bikkie shaped.

Then oven at 200 for around 10 minutes.
(make sure you haven’t accidentally turned if off, which I did so it took WAY longer)

And don’t fall asleep while waiting!



Still Learning

June 11, 2014 · 2 comments


Still Learning.

To be me.

To be honest about who I am.

With myself.

The girl with the unicorns and the nose stud.

The wonky eyebrows and the funky glasses.

With others.

But that’s okay.

I am SO getting there.


Bruce's chicken pie

Who doesn’t like a hearty pie for a winter meal? I love the one Bruce makes, so we decided to share it with you in all its glory :)

Bruce's chicken pie

In the beginning we have two frypans going.

In one, soften up
a finely sliced onion
chopped leek (here’s some instructions on cleaning leeks)
in with a clump of butter.

In the other, fry up:
About 6 pieces of shortcut, chopped
300g button mushrooms, quartered
again with another clump of butter.

Bruce's chicken pie

Once these are done, combine in your larger pan and stir through
500mL chicken stock
1/2 cup red wine.

And start frying up a kilo of diced chicken breast in the other pan.

Then combine the two pans again and simmer off the excess liquid.

Bruce's chicken pie

Once the liquid is simmered off, stir through about
300mL thickened cream, and
2 tablespoons (generous) of sour cream.

(preheat over to 180 degrees)

Grease your pie tray, then line with puff pastry sheets.

Bruce's chicken pie

Spoon in the filling, top with pastry, then decorate with some appropriately placed pastry cutouts.

Brush with egg and/or milk.

Bruce's chicken pie

Bake for 20-30 mins, but keep an eye on it

Bruce's chicken pie

Serve up the delicious, and wish you had a smaller family, so you didn’t have to share.

berry pastries

We had leftover pastry, so for dessert, I made these little pastry pockets – filled with some frozen berries from the freezer and a sprinkle of sugar. Baked for maybe 20 minutes.

berry pastry

Served with ice cream, of course!

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