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Coles Asian Meal Kits

July 11, 2015

I was just going in to get some more miso soup sachets when I saw these meal kits on special at 2 for $8 (usual price $5.99 each) and I thought I’d give them a go. Inside each is the bare basics – the Pad Thai one only had the noodles and the Pad Thai […]

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Friday Drinks – Margaritas!

July 10, 2015

This week we have the margarita… We used tequila, triple sec and lime juice in a ratio of 2 – 0.5 – 1 (4-1-2 for 2) as I’m not too much of a fan of the sweet stuff. We also mixed it up with limes and lemons because limes are freakin’ expensive at the moment, […]

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Cafe Macquarie, Belmont

July 9, 2015

Iced Coffee Just back from a very filling lunch at the (surprisingly hipster) Cafe Macquarie in Belmont. Why surprisingly? Well, I just didn’t picture mason jar iced coffees in the highway suburb of Belmont. Nor the haloumi salad with quinoa that I nommed down! Haloumi Salad with quinoa and greens, $17.50 The greens were a […]

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Why am I against, so called, “marriage equality”?

July 7, 2015

Oh, Hai there. My name is Fiona, and, yes, I’m rather cynical when it comes to the gay//equal marriage movement. I try to articulate why. but it can be hard to when the world you live in is full of weddings and babies and people wondering why someone might be content with the already happening […]

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Name your obsession

July 6, 2015

My nephew is a tad obsessed with @Dyson vacuums. I still love to mutter, one week shy of 650!!! Forgive and :: forget Midnight :: oil Overcast :: skies Church :: and state Banner :: ads Hybrid :: cars Immoral :: scandal Sugar :: coasted 1800 :: Reverse Futuristic :: visions

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Singapore Noodles with Pork and (insert random leftover veges here)

July 5, 2015

So I was wandering in the “international” aisle at Coles, mostly just planning on getting some instant miso soup, but I got a bit distracted by some of the new products on the shelves… And one thing was the shelf-fresh noodles, at $1.80 a packet. Bargain my dears! No wonder I rocked up some ingredients […]

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B-Side Espresso, Charlestown

July 3, 2015

Do you want the cheapest, but quality small coffee around? B-Side Espresso do a small, single shot (cap, latte etc) coffee for $3.50. Great for heading to your employment provider :p B-Side Espresso Cnr of Pearson St and Smart St Charlestown, NSW (02) 4023 1811

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Found it! How cool are the LostMyName books? (+ giveaway)

June 30, 2015

Have you been struggling to find a personalised gift for the kid in your life? Maybe her name is Ezri, like my little niece? Or some strange spelling of Zachhhhhhariah? :p (or Liam) The Lost my Name books are a great way to get around this, or to even get an awesome gift for a […]

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The Grand Pavilion – Indian Restaurant – Warners Bay

June 30, 2015

**Warning – Food porn ahead!** There’s a new Indian restaurant in the next suburb, and my boyfriend decided to spoil me with a meal there last night – The Grand Pavilion, known for their authentic and delicious Indian and Indo-chinese meals on the Central Coast, has just opened a location in Warners Bay. I suppose […]

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Sponsored Video: Rosso’s dad of the year video – The Dad Break

June 29, 2015

Some say that being a dad is the best job in the world but everyone needs a break every now and again. Count down from one hundred as Tim Ross explains the art of hide & seek. Watch more videos on the KIT KAT YouTube Channel:

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Aroma’s Cafe, Glendale

June 28, 2015

Aroma’s is the cafe we tend to go to when, it’s lunchish and we haven’t yet eaten, but would also like to head to K-Mart or Bunnings (but that’s moving soon!) or perhaps to browse at EB games ;) (yes, we have a Kinnect. Yes, I own a fitness game. I got the older version […]

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