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I received a number of Harpic products as samples

sewer valve after storm

During the massive storms last month, along with floods, massive high tides, and branches coming down all over the place, our sewerage system got a little backed out – things were not draining properly, sinks and toilets threatened to overflow, and the sewerage drains in the backyard DID overflow (toilet paper in the yard was the proof!) I know it isn’t the most glamourous subject to write about, but blue loo!!!

harpic products

We pressure cleaned the outside paths and such, but the toilet needed something extra to reverse the smell and fortunately, I’d been sent a bunch of Harpic cleaning supplies to try out not long before!

toilet with Harpic products

So, the long life blocks went to my sister, the dual action blocks went in our loo (Dad’s call). The two blocks are supposed to clean extra well with the baking soda of the white tablet, and the blueness of the blue tablet. They were easy to throw in the cistern, and it seemed to do the job… however not all that long lasting as the one I gave Jen, but that’s given me the chance to have the Flushmatic in the cistern and the Harpic Power Plus toilet cleaner in citrus (yeah, sucker for citrus). The Flushmatic was a little messy to mount, since I had to attach the twist-tie like hook to it, plus it has an open top… bit of scrubbing to get the blue off my fingers. The Power Plus was simple, it doesn’t sit curved against the bowl, but once I realised that was okay, I moved on with my life.

Oh, the flushable wipes came a little later in my mailbox, but boy do they work!

So, do you wanna try these products?

I’m giving away a bundle of Harpic products to one Australian reader. The pack consists of:
Dual action block
Toilet wipes
Long life blocks for cisterns

Please answer the following question in the comments section and share via the means in the RaffleCopter for extra chances to win. The winner will be selected randomly, and entries close Monday May 25th.

If toilet water could be a colour other than blue, what would you choose?

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I received the soups as samples


I got to try the two new Maggie Beer microwavable soups recently…. While they’re not to visually appealing, they were packed full of flavor….


I have to say the mushroom one (below) was tastier…. And not something I’d make normally!


I’m also gonna try the Maggie Beer game stock soon…. My mouth is watering in anticipation!


So I’m now a “disabled” job seeker.

Which means a few things.

I get a pension card.

I get to be in a Disability Employment Service

I get to be listened to when I say that I have all these skills to support kids with Autism but my mental illness gets in the way and I would really like help to get back on track and into a job where I can use my skills but not stress the fuck out.


I think I’m gonna get there

but I’m gonna have to allow myself to take steps.

Like volunteer work at a school, +/- ASD kids

Working my way up.

Because, as my employment consultant says, I’m “A very nervous girl”.

With skills, talents, intellect.

But many many fears

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With a lively, exotic, and mercantile history, Singapore has risen from the ashes of 20th century world conflict to become a global economic center- as well as one of the safest, cleanest, and most family-friendly destinations in Asia.

In many ways the recently deceased President Yew, who was the first President in Singapore’s history, helped usher in the changes that made corporate giants want to invest there and families want to come and visit. One of the most lasting things that was instituted under his government was a large number of rules and regulations governing daily life. Under that system, everything from not flushing the public toilet to queuing wrong for the taxi line could be the source of a ticket from the police. Although it was thought that it would detract from tourist visits, the strict set of rules has actually become a feature of tourists visiting Singapore, with many people snapping pictures and making videos of regulations that they do not have in their own countries

Enjoy The Urban Outdoors Year-Round
Given its close proximity to the Equator, Singapore is very tropical and verdant, making the wide avenues, many parks, and multiple shopping areas popular from dawn until late in the evening. One Singapore tradition that is fun for families to explore is at Hawker Centre, or a food court that showcases many different types of food from around Asia. As the sun goes down, you can enjoy dinner and the slight temperature drop as the stars begin to come out.

Get Lodging Fit for a Family of Kings
Part of the allure of Singapore is its reputation for providing the best customer service possible. You will likely notice right away how knowledgeable and courteous workers are. When you blend this great customer experience tradition with some of the most modern and sophisticated hotels in Asia, you will have a trip worth remembering. Of course your search for Singapore hotels should really start on an expert travel site like Hipmunk because when it comes to hotels, they are often able to showcase room deals that provide prices that are lower than normal in the cities that they focus on. Most hotels feature a pool. If you are bringing a family, regardless of your budget, try and ensure that you do get a hotel that does have a pool so that you can enjoy cooling off naturally during the heat of the day outdoors.

Explore the Zoo and Malaysia
The Singapore Zoo is one of the most complete collections of animals anywhere in the world. For families, there are a variety of shows that will amuse and amaze you. Their elephant trainers are able to coax very intelligent behavior from the elephants that make up the cast of their show. Eating breakfast at a table full of orangutans is another experience that none of your family will ever forget. Best of all, the zoo, like other Singapore attractions and parks are very affordable, allowing you to save money for eating out and shopping. Malaysia and more shopping are just minutes away as well across a narrow strait that make it the perfect day trip.

If you are considering taking a trip to Singapore, you are in the company of many that have found inspiration from its storied hotels, parks, and tea houses. From Somerset Maugham to Ian Fleming of James Bond fame, people have found that the city provides one of the most exciting, yet safest trips possible.

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.


Hello Kitty style

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Sporting jeans from City Chic, Target shoes, Hello Kitty tee from Kmart, Firmoo glasses and red bow from eBay :)

Meow on the cheap!


New book! By @HelenRazer and @BernardKeene who i saw talk tonight with the lovely @narrante!
New book! By @HelenRazer and @BernardKeene who i saw talk tonight with the lovely @narrante!

So, I was meant to head along to the talk with Helen Razer and Bernard Keane about their new book – A Short History of Stupid with my dear friend from the high schoo days, Bronwyn. Unfortunately Bron was sick, so I asked my dear speechie cum librarian friend Alana to come along. She’d just moved to Sydney, was looking to do local things, and I MISSED her, since it was 8 years since we’d last had contact!!

mikey robbons helen razer bernard keane

So I went to the talk. First time I’d seen Mikey Robbins talk since is pissed-as emmcee ing at the Atheist Convention a few years ago. He was WAAAYYYY more sober for this….. but still a little tipsy!!!

Awesome talk – yes the world is going to hell in a fucking Louis Vuitton handbasket – but WE ARE THE MEDIA.

we  are  the  media

And so, we went for cider and vegetarian delights at Badde Manors

haloumi sammich
Amazing… there was haloumi!

badde manors

hot cider with cloves

Warming, delightful, and Amanda Palmer

purple tights
With awesome tights!

and Sushi train at Tomodachi (“friend”) beforehand!





Thank you Helen!!!


Oh em gee greek chicken lemon soup like Yia Yia used to make
Oh em gee greek chicken lemon soup like Yia Yia used to make

Hell yes #hellokitty
Hell yes #hellokitty

Knits are half price at @bigw
Knits are half price at @bigw

Best & Less have 30% off underwear!
Best & Less have 30% off underwear!


Thank you RMS for refunding me now that I have a pensioner card!


I received the Scholl product as a sample


So those are my before feet, and, despite having floods and holidays in between, I think my heels are getting better with the Heel Balm gold foot care

heel balm gold

Starting my week of Eulactol heel balm week again because floods distracted me
Starting my week of Eulactol heel balm week again on my Cracked heel feet because floods distracted me


I do like the School balm, and would love to share with you.

Let me know if you need it using the rafflecopter. And if you are at an Aussie address, one of you will get to try that!
AUSTRALIAN addresses only. Ends 14/5

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So, I won a trip to the QT Gold Coast, with air fares and stays in the “Hinterland View” (not beach) room with a awesome King bed from a “Mardi Gras recovery” weekend comp from Star Observer – obviously I’m queer enough and gave the right answer as to my NEED for such a trip!!

Where do I start?

Oh, the trip there!

rain rain go away

Did you know that Virgin Australia now gives you a little snack and drink on their flights? (you can still buy booze and cheese if you choose to of course!). They also have an app to download before your flight so you can access “free” entertainment. Warning : Take VERY good headphones, because the drone of the 737 is insane and will drown out anything you try to listen to.

holiday grin

So what were the snacks there and back?

OJ or water was offered both ways – tea and coffee is dependant on turbulence, which that was a crapload of on the way up

macadamia short bread
Yummy bikkies at morning tea

almonds and soy rice crackers
Not so yummy crackers and nuts in the evening.

Alright so we got there, with a bumpy landing due to the storms….

storm landing gold coast

Got the bus and the (very new) tram, and arrived to check in at the QT Gold Coast.

lemonade qt gold coast
Lemonade in the lobby on arrival

cute girls in the lift
Cute swimsuit girls in the lifts.

1106 gt gold coast
1106 – Hinterland views, King bed

So, the room…..


Let’s start with the bed. The bed that sucked us in for early nights….

king bed qt gold coast

Oh my, what a comfy bed. No wonder Bruce was out by 8pm after good food and drinks! King Bed (two singles together, so that ridge in the middle) with hard and soft pillows, a bolster and a perfectly weighted cover for sleeping under an air conditioned sky.

They made it up the second day and placed my bunny, Costy, right in the middle for me :D

So… the rest of the furnishings…

There was a lot of keeping with the 60s beach theme

beach door bathroom
beach towels and bathroom doors

cane chairs
cane chairs

pinapple candles
Pineapple Candles and tealights

hello cocky light
hmmm the nightlight is a cocky, that I can buy for $100 from the gift shop!

mirrors qt gold coast

Mirrors are a theme, I’m told. Mirrors and glass are abundant, and there was a lighting guy associated with the original design of the building. It really shows throughout – the space seems expansive… in an enjoyable way!


The minibar is stocked with essentials…. vodka, gin, underwater camera, condoms…


and thongs!

thongs in string bags

hair bands

AND a hairband with your shower cap!!!

For sure.

Everything came with a price if you wanted to take it home. $110 for the robes, $10 for the hair dryer’s bag…

beach shower room

tied up doorhangert
Much loved DND hanger

So, we spent much time listening and watching MAX, discussing religion and politics, and having sexy times…


We managed to make it to the pool once, though we stayed for not so long

pool bar QT

Didn’t drink in the swim up bar though…

But what about the food, Fiona??????

OMG we had some AWESOME food while there

First up? Cocktails and pizza at the Stingray Bar

stingray rain

So, while we were rained in on the first day, we went for some cocktails, wine and beer at the Stingray bar. We were sheltered, and watching the rain as you see above, which only got worse, to the point of calling off international rugby league games…




pollo chicken pizza qt stingray

And a delish chicken pizza

So, What about the included breakfast?

The breakfast at Bazaar is $29/head and SOOOOOO worth it!!!

There are selections from all over the world: Congee and rice for Asian palates, cold meats and cheese for Euros, cereal, yoghurt and so forth, an bacon, eggs, and MADE TO ORDER omelletes for those wanting to endulges.

There is also coffee, tee, and a selection of juices, smoothies, milks and so forth!



european breakfast QT hotel

my selection

yoghurt, bircher muesli, cranberry juice

euro selection

yoghurt, croissant

DIY omelette
My made to order omelette

What else did we do?

well, we drank a lot, made use of the HOT water in the shower,

Got Room Service:

fish taco $7
$7 fish taco

caesar salar


And had this amazing cheese platter

cheese platter QT

bruce octopussy

Gawd I love getting away!!!


I was away on the weekend – I won a “Mardi Gras Recovery” weekend from the Star Observer and got to stay at the QT Gold Coast. Which meant swimming and lazing around in the heated spa…. Fortunately, at the tail end of summer, I’d picked up this cossie from for $18!

Cheap vintage look ;)

I have many many photos to share from the weekend, which I will get to in time, but I had a lovely, relaxing few days, in spite of the horrible weather on the Friday! :)

weather on arrival gold coast
Weather on arrival at Coolangatta airport