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So the dear people at Menulog flicked me a voucher so I could try out their online home delivery ordering system. I’ll show you how it works, and if you’re still with me at the end of the post you can enter to win a $50 Menulog food voucher!

So , the restaurants in the Newcastle area are slowly joining up to sites like Menulog, but if you enter your home suburb or postcode, it’s easy to see who you can order home delivery from online, and the extra places who you can order from online (and pay with CC, PayPal or cash when you get there) in the area.

Search for who delivers to your Suburb


Select where you want to order from

(realise that you have two choices, and Thai sounds more appealing in the heat than Indian, so you select Nara Thai and Uncle Raja’s, where you worked all through Uni and hope the food is still as good as 10 years ago! This would also be the restaurants that left me car smelling of various curries, me stained with onion smell for a week after chopping bags and bags of onions, and turned a while car seat cover orange with butter chicken sauce… Nice food though, and certainly not the worst place to work through Uni, given the stories friends tell! Plus, sooooo much pad thai!)


Step 3 – Browse the menu and start adding things to your order/cart


The delivery fee (based on your original suburb search) is already included in the total


There will be a pop-up that asks you when you would like your delivery to arrive


I selected 7pm, however it arrived at 6.15pm… Not great if you were waiting for people to come home for dinner…Or in our case we weren’t that hungry yet!

You then click order – enter your full address, and click through to PayPal (or enter your CC details) to pay the bill!


You get this neat little confirmation SMS (along with email) with the restaurant’s phone number to call direct if there are any issues

SMS confirmation

And look at the yummy food I got!

Nara Pad Thai
Pad Thai – yummy as ever

Nam Tok beef thai salad
(spicy!) Nam Tok Beef Salad – love the flavours in this

Thai salads
(think the Nam Tok needs a chili next to it too!)

Nara Thai fish cakes and Uncle Raja's onion bahjee
Thai Fish Cakes and Indian Onion Bahjee. Because I can. (They clearly had their oil up too hot…)

Win a $50 Menulog food voucher

Okay, so if you’d like to win the $50 Menulog voucher, tell me in the comments a story about where you worked when you were still in school or Uni. Does it still exist? Would you dare set foot in there again?

The winner will be determined by how awesome and funny/terrifying/breaking of all labour laws their comment is as judged by my co-eater Bruce. Entries close at Midnight Monday November 10th, 2014. The voucher expires one month after you win it and is valid for orders in Australia only.

Good Luck!!


TOTE TRAYS!!!! at amart
zomg TOTE TRAYS for your home!

I got sent with some gift vouchers to the newly opened Super A-Mart in Warners Bay this week, to pick out a few things to perk up some place in the house… as soon as we walked in and saw the doona covers, we thought “that’s it!” and knew we could definitely brighten up the bedroom for Spring with a replacement for our washed out covers.

Bed and bedspread at amart

I did think that this “Princess” set and “Princess” wooden cutout would be PERFECT for me. But, alas, two problems – it only comes in single (perfect for my niece with her pink obsession – the other day she scored a pink electronic guitar toy from Lifeline for $3, and she was Rockin it), and I was looking for something for a “grown up room”. *sigh* One day I’ll have a spare room which I can decorate in all the girly, Hello Kitty glory I can find.

Princess wooden decor at amart

Bed and bedspread at amart - Eiffel tower

Bruce liked this Eiffel tower quilt cover… because it has a car on it. A Citroën 2CV, I’m told. We were also VERY close to buying a new computer desk chair, there was this office chair that would have suited all his gaming needs for $99.95, but he decided to stick with his current (red) chair…. If the one on show was red, I’m sure it would have been bundled into the back of my car straight away!

New mattress protector from amart

What we DID end up spending that office chair money on was a new mattress protector as our old one (a quilted style) had become washed out and lumpy and rather uncomfortable. And it was definitely a need to freshen up ahead of sweaty summer nights. Waterproof backing and machine washable were our two main criteria when we were browsing their range in store. This one, the brand is Orthokinetic same as the brand of mattresses Amart stocks, seemed a but of a splurge, but it looked like it was easy to care for, and didn’t have the potential to go all lumpy like our old one.

Bed and bedspread at amart

And then it was onto choosing some pretties. I liked the look of the silver and black quilt over set above, but the material wasn’t that nice to touch, and I’m a fussy little princess when it comes to bed! We also eyed off some microfibre sheets, but the purple was only in Double *sadface*

CUSHIONS! at amart

Cushions were another option, but I know I’d just end up throwing them on the floor and not using them.

New quilt cover set from amart

And so, we ended up finding two quilt cover sets, both reduced in price to take home to Spring-ify the room.


First was this lovely, leafy and calm doona cover. I liked the embroidered spots, and the reverse faded teal. Amart had some Euro sized covers also to go with the set, but not having the big pillows, we shied away from adding them in.

New Quilt cover set from Amart

We also got this Logan & Mason black set. While not as Spring, it certainly changes the feel of the room to more serious and grown up.


And yes, that is my flying unicorn :p Resting soundly on his new pillowcase.


Do you have different doona covers in spring and summer? I put the black one on the heavy “winter” doona, so that may be where it stays!


This post is brought to you for breast cancer awareness month by the Breast Cancer society

Breast Cancer Society logo

Breast cancer affects millions of women worldwide. This life-threatening disease is one of the most feared diagnoses someone can get. It is estimated that one in eight women will develop this form of cancer at some point in life. The good news is that you can prevent cancer by making lifestyle changes, such as losing weight or giving up processed foods. Although you won’t eliminate the risk altogether, you can lower your odds of developing breast cancer.

Stay Informed

The first thing you need to do is to learn about this disease and its symptoms. Join local organizations that fight breast cancer, read the news, and stay informed. The more you know about cancer, the easier it is to prevent it. According to the latest Breast Cancer Society reviews, there are several programs focused on education, awareness and prevention. You can join them online or contact your physician for more information.

Avoid Processed Food

Loaded with trans fats, artificial flavors, GMOs, and chemicals, processed food increases the risk of breast cancer. If you care about your health, eat whole, natural foods. Your diet should be based on fruit and vegetables, fish, lean meat, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. Choose products that are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and essential fatty acids. Antioxidants reduce free radical damage and enhance your body’s natural ability to fight cancer. Limit or eliminate processed food from your diet to stay fit and healthy.

Stay Active

Studies have found that regular exercise helps prevent breast cancer. Women who work out at least two and a half hours a week have 18 percent less risk of breast cancer than those with a sedentary lifestyle. Make exercise part of your daily routine. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every day. If you’re too busy to go to the gym, exercise at home. Climb the stairs as often as you can, go jogging in the morning, and stay active throughout the day.

Get Enough Iodine in Your Diet

Iodine plays a key role in the synthesis of hormones. This essential trace mineral should be a staple in your diet. Its deficiency can lead to hormonal imbalances, tumors, and thyroid problems.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol and breast cancer are strongly related. The more alcohol you drink, the greater your risk. If you can’t give up alcoholic drinks, limit to one glass a day.

(I know these are all tricky, but I guess we just have to try our best to get the right balance!!!)


MOney shot - Greek Lamb Burger $18
Eggplant, zucchini, lamb and minted feta stack

I was skeptical of the ability to surprise someone with a large group dinner (30 people) for their birthday. Especially when her husband, parents and brother were already at the restaurant when I arrived, but it worked, and Brown Dog did ok at being able to service our large group – a couple of forgotten drinks, and a little scattered at which burgers came out when, but they got the orders RIGHT, and everyone seemed happy with their food!

Wedges wtih bacon, cheese and sour cream
Wedges with cheese, bacon and sour cream… full on!

For starters, my table ordered some wedges, and haloumi bites. The wedges were VERY cheesy and creamy, so went a long way. The haloumi was GREAT – soft and not too rubbery!

Haloumi Bites
Haloumi bites with spicey tomato salsa

I ordered the “Get the Greek” burger, which was a great lamb pattie, with veges and feta. I couldn’t taste the mint that was meant to be there, but it tasted great – unfortunately the second half of my burger had the bun go a little soggy on the bottom… not a trouble since I was so full from the meat and the chips that came with each burger!

Get the Greek Lamb Burger
Get the Greek lamb burger – $!8 with chips

Awesome chippies with each burger!

Chinese spiced duck salad
Chinese spiced warm duck salad

Tilse's Apple Truck Cider
Washed down with a delicious Apple Truck cider from Tilse’s in Scone!

Brown Dog
2/450 The Esplanade
Warners Bay,
New South Wales 2282
(02) 4948 1115

Skeptical in a party hat


Chicken charity gift card

I’ve started my Xmas gift buying (you know, the stuff that strikes me as awesome on Etsy and I manage to buy ahead of time), and also just general browsing of the charity sites for ideas that are also awesome and ethical…. and I’ve stumbled across a few things this morning that I need to bookmark for future use!

UNICEF charity gifts

First up, I was REALLY excited to see that UNICEF have VACCINATIONS as a charity gift. You can pay for 200 polio vaccines for $40, or 200 measles vaccines for $71.

polioA girl receives a polio vaccine during the Measles-Rubella Vaccination Campaign at the Kandapara brothel in Tangail on 1 February 2014.  Dhaka, Saturday, 25 January 2014: For the first time Bangladesh today launched its largest ever Measles-Rubella (MR) campaign aiming to reach 52 million children aged nine months to under 15 years to protect them against these infectious diseases. Organized by the Government of Bangladesh, this campaign is one of the biggest public health mobilization efforts in the country, engaging thousands of vaccinators and volunteers. The campaign will cover more than 170,000 schools and 150,000 immunization centers over a three week period (ending 13 February 2014) with a special attention on children living on the streets and other high-risk populations.Plans are underway to vaccinate children living on the streets and other high-risk populations in urban areas who may not attend school or go to community vaccination sites. In the urban areas, teams have been assigned to cover railway stations, bus stations, river and sea terminals, parks and even footpaths. Special teams have also been mobilized to cover hard-to-reach areas such as haor (surrounded by water) and char (small islands) areas, large market places, rice mills, brick fields, brothels and places where working mothers live with their children. Routine measles vaccination coverage has reached 86 per cent  of children aged under one year in Bangladesh. This means that around one million children under one year remain susceptible to measles each year as they are left out or unable to develop immunity. Although in 2012, Bangladesh introduced measles second dose vaccine for children aged 15 months, older children still remained susceptible to the disease. These children need a second chance for survival. If a woman is infected with rubella, particularly before conception and during the first three months of pregnancy, there is 90 per cent chance of her passing the infection on to he

They also have Therapeutic food, clean water and educational gifts.

Care Australia Charity goftsCARE Australia is also in on the charity gifts, with bee hives and musical instruments for classrooms as well as Condoms and sex education! CARE Australia is an international humanitarian aid organisation fighting global poverty, with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring about lasting change to their communities. They are a non-religious charity (as are UNICEF, Oxfam and Amnesty), which is a plus in my books!

Charity gift card - emergency toilet

Oxfam Unwrapped is one of the older “virtual goat” options, which I’ve happily bought from in the past. With ecards and “IRL” gift cards to give and send your friends. Some cool gifts are emergency toilets, wells and clean water, and manure. Sweet!

And lastly this one isn’t virtual, but I know people who need powerbanks, so why not an Amnesty one?

Amnesty Internation Mobile power bank
Amnesty International Portable phone charger, $29.95.

Of course, gifts aren’t just for Christmas…. I mean who wouldn’t want to receive 360 tablets of anti-malarial drugs as a “Thank you for being awesome” gift?

Check out my other Xmas gift guides:
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Christmas is Coming!

October 21, 2014 · 6 comments

I know! It’s starting to creep all around me!

From checking out Aldi’s Chrissy Range in the catelogue, with my niece exclaiming “MINE!!!!” every few items….

Blue christmas lights from aldiball lights
Ez wands the “du!” (blue) and the “gall” (ball) lights.

To being dragged out to the shed and being nagged to get the Xmas tree up!

christmas tree

To emails about elves on shelves, and participating in online gift exchanges, to thinking about buying cards, and having PR pitches about shopping for Xmas.

To just liking Xmas and wanting to get the pretties out myself!!!

64 days to go :p


Some yums from Sushi Bay Glendale last week…..

salmon and tuna sashimi

raw salmon, avo, capsicum rice paper roll

salmon sashimi

kawaii rolls with salmon and black roe

tuna roll with salmon and yums

spicy prawns

chicken and avo

Sushi Bay Glendale (Near KMart)
Shop 53 Glendale Supercentre
387 Lake Rd Glendale NSW 2285.
Tel 02 4954 8488


Fourteen years ago I was one of those kids, frantically hoping to remember my Shakespeare and Frost quotes, even though I really didn’t care about whatever stupid theme or comparison question I was about to get.

I was crying my way through my 4 unit maths questions, fiddling with organic chemistry (remember when organic meant it had carbon in it?) and writing practice essays on family law.

Yeah, the HSC was hell.

(but so was much of highschool. But the discussion on the pressure cookers of selective high schools is a very long, PTSD inducing series of autobiographies from me and my friends).

We got our TERs (or UAIs)

We started uni. Or didn’t.

Some started in something, then moved across with the right marks.

Or worked for a year or two, and went back.

We did our degrees, or didn’t.

We worked for a bit.

Maybe studied more, because we figured out eight years on what we really wanted.

Or we locked ourselves into doing PhDs in areas we don’t even touch on these days.

An awesome UAI is good if you know what you wanna study

(I studied speech pathology. because I had to pick something, I say. And from there I found what I really liked doing WITHIN that field).

And even that’s no guarantee. And you’ll change.

You’ll wanna do something else. Or you’ll have a break,

or you’ll “throw it all away”.

But it gets better.

Because the HSC is hell, and most of life isn’t.

(some is though. but you’ll figure that out too!)

Celebrate that you made it this far.

And celebrate the other things along the way.

Because I didn’t. They were just things I “ticked off”

And I regret that part the most.

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Today, I received this glowing endorsement via Twitter

Care to add to it so I can create a “Testimonials” page for my blog?


Now, you can have Red Red Reddy Red Rooster in your head. Please inflict this image of 1980s Aussies eating chicken with pride on your family and friends.

Red  Rooster chicken

As a part of a Social Soup promotion, I received a $35 voucher to spend at Red Rooster.

chicken caesar roll, red rooster

We bought one of the new Chicken Caesar roll meals, and two roast chickens for later. The Caesar roll was nice, shame they didn’t have the fancy rolls available. The chips were the same as ever, fresh hot, salty and appreciated by the seagulls when we were full :p

seagulls at belmont

Though the size of the diet coke bottles for a “medium” meal at now only 390mL – I remember when small meals got 375mL cans… I wonder what they get now?

chicken caesar roll red rooster

With the roast chickens, we made

chicken caesar salad

A chicken caesar salad.

chicken and bacon pasta

creamy chicken and bacon pasta

creamy chicken and baconpasta

and used some of the chicken for kebabs with all the trimmings – cheese, tabouli, sour cream and salads.

I find the woolies chooks are a touch bigger, but the taste was similar, the chicken was very moist the first day, and good still after a day in the fridge. The Red Rooster chooks are “barn raised” and $12.95 each.

Now to finish the meal with another classic…

What’s your favourite classic ad?