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sparkly purple bunny ears
What i got for me from Daiso while shopping for Maree’s prize :)

So, after Easter, I get to go and have a “job capacity assessment”.

This will apparently tell sennalink what support I need in order to find a job. Or something.

It means to me that I get to say yes, I feel like mt mental health and subsequent incompetence are leaving me unemployed.

And that they then get to put me through “job readiness” courses and placements.

plus get to note my “black marks” against me.

and tell me I’m not bad off enough to really need help.

I DO want to work. I’d rather be able to convince someone I can do work I have experience in. Doesn’t have to be speech. There’s a whole heap of disability and youth support I have the skills to do, but not the confidence, references or the, yes again, CONFIDENCE, to get into.

So we’ll see. I’m slightly scared to ask for reports from my healthcare team, too. I know it’s for the best, but I don’t want it on paper!!!!



Those old dears get to try this shiny coat food!

royal canin

Does your cat want to try? I have three bags of Royal Canin Awesome shiny Hair and Skin Care to share with you. Just let me know who your kitty is, and I’ll pick three winners based on their need for trying this new food on Wednesday April 1st.


OUR rail plan for NSW

March 24, 2015 · 0 comments


We all know that, heading into the NSW state election on Saturday, transport should be a concern for voters. For those who have good services, they should be concerned about future proofing them, for those with poor services, lobbying to get them, or keep what is left, and for those on train lines all over the state, we’d like better tracks that aren’t held together with Christmas stickytape, like my running repairs on this junction yesterday.

goods trains

Goods trains are of course a huge player on the regional lines – with the issue of coal trains letting all alone the lines breathe the dust from uncovered coal cars being discussed regularly in the news, at least for those in Mayfield and Waratah where there’s no keeping those damn windowsills clean!

Watchful eye

Our astute shadow transport minister, and mini me, also independantly discovered the problems with making a new series of tunnels that are smaller than ALL of your current rolling stock so that you have one set of “metro” trains that means many more people standing for a 40 minute journey, and no potential to EVER run the higher capacity double-decker trains from the rest of the network.

Use the correct size of tunnel for your trains

Fortunately we were able to resolve this issue with a little re-jigging of the path after one incident with the bridge.

Grand plans

We’ve already completed the “under table rail link” and construction was underway to join the two fiddly loops with a shuttle train.


It appears also that Minister Ez is a fan of heavy rail where heavy rail should be, and no overlap with buses and cars – buses on the rail routes were quickly removed from service. Her or the highway – buses will not replace trains in her world.

choo choo
Choo Choo!

What would you change about your local public transport?


Bahn Mi

Newcastle seems to be slowly embracing the Vietnamese Pork Roll, aka Bahn Mi, and this yummy one above is from the Cardiff Bakehouse in the main street of Cardiff – fresh crusty rolls and tangy soy make it divine for $6. They also do a Mega Egg and Bacon Roll for $5.50 with two eggs and heaps of bacon to keep the tradies happy!

Scrambled Breakfast - Belmont 16ft sailing club

Breakfast Bruscetta Custom Espresso

I’ve had a few breakfasts out lately, and these two were great – the scrambled breakfast at the top from Belmont 16ft sailing club and the Breakfast Brucetta from Custom Espresso Speers Point (sans eggs).

Noodle soup


Back on the Hello Fresh boxes recently, with a number of Asian recipes like the udon noodle soups to keep my nose running, and the pizza to keep to vege count up! You can still get $35 off your first box by using my referral code R3CDUQ :D

Mezza - Badde Manors

And also on the veges – this Mezze Platter from Badde Manors in Glebe :)

Had anything pretty to eat today?


Beautiful secrets, you guard them in your secret garden
You water and nurture them until they’re bigger than life itself

But you can’t always know what they will uncover on the news
And you can’t be too sure that your secret life won’t show through

Beautiful speeches, the lines that are preached here are only half-truth
Delicious like murder, one step and you’re further than you could admit

But you can’t always know what they will uncover on the news
And you can’t be too sure that your secret life won’t show through
‘Cuz you can’t always know what they will uncover on the news

So you can’t always know what they will uncover on the news
And you can’t be too sure that your secret life won’t show through

“Metadata” is the fad of the day.

We know where you are, and what you’re asking for, but don’t get the answers

So we make conclusions from that.

Sounds safe right?

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We had thought that THIS was the end of Lambie and the Brick…

But, there’s only one member of the Palmer United Party left in the senate, after Lazarus and Lambie left….


A sad sad day

Classic Lambie and the Brick (and Wang)

What WILL 2015 bring?


And it was fun!!!





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By Adam Smart, The Conversation

There’s no reliable evidence that health conditions can be effectively treated with homeopathic medicine, according to a statement by the National Health and Medicine Research Council (NHMRC) released today.

The statement comes a year after the NHMRC’s draft paper was put out for public consultation. It is based on a summary of research on homeopathy’s effectiveness for treating health conditions. It aimed to provide people who use homeopathic remedies with information of their risks and benefits so they could make informed health decisions.

The chair of the committee that produced the report, Paul Glasziou said the statement was not going to stop the use of homeopathic treatments overnight.

Professor Glasziou, who is director of the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice at Bond University said the trend would likely follow a similar pattern observed after the release of a 2010 UK report by the House of Commons. There had been a decline in the use of homeopathy in the UK since that report, he added.

The review failed to find any evidence for homoepathy’s effectiveness for treating 68 conditions, which ranged from the common cough through to malaria. Only single studies were identified for 29 of the conditions, and all were deemed unreliable for either having too few participants for a meaningful result or being poorly designed.

“This lack of scientific research into the use of homeopathic medicine is not unusual and is mirrored across most alternative treatments” said Paul Komesaroff, professor of medicine from Monash University and medical practitioner.

Glasziou said reports like this created “a dialogue about the nature of the evidence and what constitutes evidence and people start to look at it and it makes an impact”.

Professor Komesaroff said patients should be supplied with accurate and up-to-date information on treatment options and that some treatment types in the field of complementary and alternative medicine lacked evidence.

“People who use alternative medicines such as homeopathy do so for a large suite of reasons not just for treatment. Their supposed effectiveness is only one reason,” Professor Komesaroff said. “One quick example is reducing the symptoms that people suffer from HIV medication.”

The NHMRC statement did not mention preventative health, but Professor Glasziou did not see this as a shortcoming.

“If you look at what GPs are treating people for, the vast majority of people are coming in for symptoms rather than health checks and preventative measures,” he said.

The Conversation

This article was originally published on The Conversation.
Read the original article.


60 seconds away!

March 4, 2015 · 0 comments

No seven

But sixty second til this awesome pink!!!


Rimmel is amazing. Cheap too!!



March 3, 2015 · 1 comment

So, I took the bf for the best Chinese BBQ I know. To Emporer’s Garden BBQ in Haymarket.


Just look at that. Duck. Pork. Delicious!


Especially with the veg!

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