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When Do You Call It a Day and Call in a Professional?

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When it comes to home improvement and maintenance, things can get pretty costly extremely quickly. It’s not surprising that we’ll often attempt to fix problems by ourselves to save a bit of cash. This works every now and then for minor issues. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, bodge jobs can generally mean that things break or malfunction not too long after and you’re back at square one all over again. This is irritating. However, there are certain problems that you should always leave to the professionals, as negative outcomes can become more serious than “irritation.” They can be home or even life-threatening. Here’s a quick run through of some of the specific home renovations and repairs that you should always leave to the professionals.

garden tap


Plumbing problems can range from minor to severe. From a leaky faucet to a full-blown flood. Now, you may well to fix a drip or a clogged drain with a little specialist reading and an online tutorial or two. However, if the same problem keeps establishing itself, something isn’t being repaired correctly, and it’s time to call in help. You should also call in the pros if you have issues with the water heater, persistent low water pressure, or major leaks. Precision plumbing services will see qualified and trained fix things up while guaranteeing your safety and prioritizing your wellbeing at the same time. Choose a reliable company who will offer you the customer service you deserve. They will also be able to give your maintenance advice and clear up the work area once they’ve finished. Job done!

power plug cord


Electrics really can be a life or death affair. It’s astounding that something that we use on a day to day basis can be so dangerous. If you ever experience any sort of shock, do not touch any sockets or outlets. Switch the electricity off at the mains and call for an electrician. They will be able to identify the problem and resolve it in a safe and secure manner. They can also fix things like waning lights, power cuts, and blown fuses. Alternatively, they can update your home to more modern and safe standards: replacing wires that run under skirting boards or rugs, introducing extra sockets to replace octopus sockets, and updating sockets to accommodate three-pronged plugs.

construction worker concreting

Structural Issues

We’re all guilty of a little DIY gone wrong. Perhaps we’ve tried to add a shelf to a wall that happens to have electrics running through it. Maybe you’ve thought it was a good idea to create an open plan living space, only to realize the wall you’ve partially knocked down so happened to be a supporting wall. Whatever has gone wrong, it can be rectified. How soon you accept the mistake will affect how long it will take to put right and how much it will cost you too. Call in professional builders. Some have specialisms, perhaps tiling, roofing, external walls, or internal walls. Alternatively, you could go for an all-rounder. Just make sure that whoever you choose has trusted reviews.

These are just a few cases when the professionals can come to the rescue! So don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.

Spring/Summer Style Forecast: Warm-Weather Wonders To Buy Now!

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Spring is here, and it’s time to ditch the winter coats and heavy knits. If your wardrobe is in need of a warm-weather revamp, you’ve come to the right place. With blue skies and sun-drenched days on the horizon, it’s time to embrace spring/summer style. Here are some of the hottest trends to try now!

Sheer beauty
When it’s warm outside, the last thing you want is to wear tops or blouses made from thick, clingy fabrics. The good news is that this spring/summer, lightweight sheer designs are everywhere. Think loose-fitting shirts and floaty, feminine dresses. Opt for a maxi for daytime drinks, a trip to the races or a spring wedding or go for a Bardot top and cut-off denim shorts if you’re chilling out at the park or hitting the shops. If you’re not a fan of the girly look, you can toughen up your outfit with an oversized denim shirt, a backpack from Designer Online or some flatform trainers. Take care when you’re copying the sheer trend to protect your modesty. If you’ve got a completely transparent dress, for example, invest in a nude slip to wear underneath.

Megan Washington

Power shoulders
If you’re a fan of the 80’s, the catwalks bring good news! Power shoulders are back in a big way, so now is the time to embrace your inner diva. You can go all-out with metallics or velvet for a dramatic look, or you can keep things slightly more understated and subtle with an LBD with shoulder pads.

fluffy shoulders

Florals work all year-round, and they’re a great addition to any wardrobe. Now that lighter days and warmer climes are on the way, replace dark colours and bold prints with pastel shades, bright tones, and more intricate prints. You can wear florals in so many ways. Celebrate the trend in a patterned dress or a chic blouse or use floral accessories, such as a printed clutch or embroidered pumps, to liven up your spring basics.

Brown Leather Bag: Bricks and Bags

Ahoy there!
Nautical stripes are back again this spring. A perennial winner in the warm-weather style stakes, stripes are easy to wear, and they add an instant touch of sophistication to any outfit. Opt for striped cigarette pants for a formal occasion or a nautical top with skinny jeans, a cross-body bag and leather sandals for an effortlessly trendy daytime look. Stripes are often feared because people worry that they are unflattering. If you’re petite or you’re eager to look slimmer, stick to vertical stripes.

blue white stripes romper

Spring has arrived, and before we know it, summer will be here, and it’ll be time to hit the beach, fire up the barbeque, and spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors. In the warmer months, it’s all about looking great and being comfortable. Avoid heavy fabrics and clingy styles and go for items that you can throw on with minimal hassle. Take a look at new trends online, get some styling tips, and have fun with spring/summer fashion! You don’t have to tick off every trend with every outfit. Combine elements, mix and match and choose styles, colours, and prints that you love.

Creating Melbourne Memories: Quirky Things To Do In The Capital

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If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne, or should you already be a resident of this fair city, you may be in need of a little inspiration for things to do. Now, while you could head off to the beach, or take the time to visit the regular tourist places in the capital, there are some places that you probably won’t find in the travel guides. Here are just some of them.

Hang out with the llamas

two llamas
Your new best friends

Looking for a bit of exercise? Want to explore some beautiful scenery? Love llamas? Then there is no better place to visit than Hanging Rock, where you can embark on a 12 km day walk, where your furry companions will carry your picnic lunch and gear as you stroll along beside them.

Eat in exotic places

There are all kinds of places to eat in Melbourne, where you can get a taste of Aussie food culture (it’s not all barbecues), or try something a little more exotic. We particularly love the Oriental Teahouse, where you savour the handmade dumplings while sampling an extensive collection of teas. Delicious, and very good for you too. Unlike the aforementioned barbecues!

Sleep in a zoo

You will have heard about Melbourne Zoo in the travel guides, but did you know you can embark on a sleepover too? No? Well, you can, so pack your sleeping bag and spend the night under the stars. You may not get a lot of sleep (darn elephants making a racket), but you will be far too excited to snooze anyway. Explore the zoo after hours, and wine and dine with the keepers at this Roar ‘n’ Snore overnight survival experience.

Watch tv

Okay, so you wouldn’t go on holiday to watch tv, but rather than watch Neighbours on the box, you could visit the location where the popular soap is filmed. You may be able to grab a few autographs too! Alternatively, become part of the live audience on a whole host of other Australian shows, such as Millionaire Hot Seat. You may get the chance to win yourself a prize as well, and get your face on the telly (be careful not to embarrass yourself by waving like a loon).

Spook yourself silly

spooky town hall ghost
Dare you set foot inside?

Halloween is over for another year now, but if you are in the mood for a fright night, you can still chill your bones. Visit the famous Haunted Bookshop and creep yourself out with their blood-curdling volumes of vampires and witches, before embarking on one of their ghost tours in the dark lanes of the capital. Then experience a coffin ride at the Docklands. Hopefully, you will live to tell the tale after being buried alive!

Don’t get bored…get board!

Every week in Melbourne there are board game events, so if you are on the competitive side, you might want to check out the Melbourne Boardgames Group on Facebook. Alternatively, head over to the Marché Board Game Café, and spend the day drinking tea, eating food, and more importantly, playing games.

Over to you

Have you been to Melbourne? Do you live in the city? Then let us know about some of the quirky places you have been able to find. We all need a little inspiration from time to time, especially when it comes to making Melbourne Memories! xoxxooo

Keeping Your Clutter Nutters Under Control

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bedroom indoor curtains

As a parent, you have a very difficult balance to maintain. When your children are young, you will have to do a lot of them, constantly tidying and cleaning in their path. Of course, you expect this when they are young, as they won’t be able to clear up after themselves. As the get older, though, this should be a job they handle on their own. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the ways to instill a good attitude towards a tidy room in your children.

Making A Routine

The very first part of this journey will involve some habit and routine building. At first, this will have to be done using a rota or timetable to make sure everyone is working as they are supposed to be and doing their share of the job. As time goes on, you will be able to teach your child how to make cleaning up after themselves into a job they enjoy. Even adults will often struggle to keep their space tidy without the right sort of habits. Working with your kids like this can be a great way to make their living in the future easier, as these skills will stay with them.

Adding Some Fun

Of course, when it comes to children, there are loads of ways to promote the right sort of behaviour and attitude. In most cases, though, the best option you have will be adding some fun to their chores. Making tidying into a game is a good start, and this can be enhanced with the right labeling and storage methods. If you have a couple of children, fostering a bit of healthy competition can be a great way to let them motivate each other. Along with this, though, you will have to be careful that it doesn’t get out of hand.

Proper Storage

Making your child’s tidying experience a little bit easier is another great way to keep their clutter under control. The correct storage methods will help with this in huge ways, giving your kid the chance to keep their space tidy with minimal effort. Websites like can help you to find specialiest containers for loads of different parts of your kid’s room. Of course, though, having a lot of storage can also make it easier to hide mess.


Finally, it’s time to think about fun for a little bit longer, along with the aspects which make something fun. In most cases, achieving a goal is fun because you get something out of it, giving you satisfaction. Thankfully, kids are easy to please, and a simple candy bar could be enough to keep them tidying. By doing this weekly, you can create a routine which they will begin to think about more and more.

Hopefully, this post will give you all of the tools you need to start taking control over the clutter in your home. As time goes on, less and less of this work should be yours to deal with. As your children grow, they will have to take some responsibility, or they will never learn to keep themselves in good shape. Of course, though, it will be easy once you have the right methods to use.

Staycation Or Vacation? 4 Reasons It Doesn’t Matter

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camera hat juice sunglasses

People argue about staycationing and vacation all of the time. The idea of remaining in the country isn’t appealing, but it’s cheaper than the alternative. Vacationing abroad is exotic, yet it can be hit and miss. The pros and cons of both are wide-ranging, and the choice you make is your decision alone. However, to make it easier, you may be happy to know it doesn’t make a difference.

Here are the four reasons why.

Australia Is Amazing

The leading reason people board a flight and disappear is to go somewhere better. But, the truth is, and this is unbiased, Australia is the greatest country in the world. As a resident of New South Wales, Sydney and all the city has to offer is on the doorstep. Plus, Melbourne, Victoria and the Great Ocean Road are less than four hours drive away. Board a flight, too, and you can be in the Northern Territory in tropical waters or Queensland swimming the Great Barrier Reef. And, if the main cities and states aren’t enough, there’s always the Outback. Australia may be home, but it isn’t like any other on the planet.

Bonding Is Mandatory

Are you going on a family holiday? The thought is enough for some mums and dads to lose sleep. Sitting in a car or a hotel room is never a good thing with bored children. Still, these times only make up a small percentage of the vacation. Mostly, the family goes sight-seeing, eats excellent grub, and relaxes with a few cocktails/cokes. For couples, maybe tandem skydiving is on the agenda. Or, if you are adrenaline averse, you can enjoy a moonlit walk along the beach for two. Wherever the holiday takes place, everyone will bond and have a great time. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, but it’s true.

family having fun at the beach

It’s Time Off

Seeing the world is fantastic but isn’t the main aim of a vacation. The goal is to take time away from life and relax and refresh. Work is stressful, and so is looking after a family. At times, it’s nice to be able to forget about both (not the kids, of course!) for ten days to two weeks. After all, the stress starts to fade away and you being to enjoy life a little bit more. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a beach in the Bahamas or Bondi as long the cortisol levels drop. Let’s face it – doing nothing is enjoyable.

Natural Diet Pill

Vacationing helps shed weight for two reasons. The first is because of a change in day to day activities. At home, it’s easy to get into a routine and eat for the sake of it even though you aren’t hungry. On vacation, abroad or at home, routine goes out the window and so does your appetite. Secondly, stress is a significant factor in overeating. People with pent-up tension tend to gorge and eat more junk food, too.

You may prefer one over the other, but the important thing is to go on vacation. As a rule, the location doesn’t make a difference.

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