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Cute Home Accessories

I got the below items from Simply Cushions

London Clock

How cute is this “London” clock? I just love the teal colour of it. It came from japaneseish cushions

And these blue denimn and calico sakura print cushions? I got them to contrast with the couch I’m still yet to steal from my grandmother’s house, but they still work well with the red sheet on our loungerooom matress!

So yeah, Hi there, I still have a blog. *waves* Don’t really know how much enthusiasm I have for all this at the moment… well I do, it’s a small amount. I mean I’m Instagramming heaps less too…. oh well. Flux. Apoligies to anyone who I owe posts and instragrams to!

John Boston Pale Ale, AIME Mentoring, and The Hottest 100!

Just in time for #australiaday #unexpectedgenius of @johnbostonbeer #gifted

Just in time for #australiaday #unexpectedgenius of @johnbostonbeer #gifted

Scored a carton of John Boston pale ale to review for Social Soup just in time for Australia Day! I’m told it went down really well on the hotter than expected day we had.

AIME BBQ John Boston

Have you heard about the AIME Mentoring project? AIME provides a dynamic educational Program that gives Indigenous high school students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to finish school at the same rate as their peers. AIME has proven to dramatically improve the chances of Indigenous kids finishing school. AIME also connects students with post Year 12 opportunities, including further education and employment.

And so we bought the tshirts!

AIME Mentoring Triple J Hottest 100

(though mine took awhile to reach me!)

Ezri Barrel of Monkeys

Ezri rocking her reversible JRL Clothing floral frock I picked up at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra some time ago!

Seatbelts and Airbags Save Lives

Yup. A tad smashed up.....

Yup. A tad smashed up…..

Yes, I might not be able to get out of bed in the morning at the moment until my endone, paracetamol, and sheer willpower kick in, but I can get out of bed still. (and then I eat something so I can add anti-inflammatories and coffee to the mix)

I am bruised and battered, my ribs have muscles torn between them, there are grazes and bruises all over me, and one looks like a croissant.

But I have no head injuries, my neck and back are fine. I WALKED AWAY from this car. As did all the other people involved.

We all had our seatbelts on, and dual airbags in the front seat of each car.

Yes, the cars are fucked, but seatbelts and airbags saved us all from a lot worse.

The two cars were only going 60kph each. But that’s 120kph force when you hit head-on in the wet, then spin 180, and lift your head wondering why there is a bus-stop next to you…

Wear your seatbelt. Strap your kids in properly, use baby seats and the like.

Be thankful for the “nanny state” for once.

(and our public health system! The Ambos and doctors and nurses and techs were all amazing to me!!!)

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