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The Little Lioness – a.k.a. Fiona Moore / phonakins – loves to work with food, kawaii and plus size fashion, lifestyle brands and local restaurants to bring them to the attention to the ready and waiting public – who are always hungry for new things to spend their hard earned on!

Media Kit :)

Tights from @citychiconline shoes from @targetaustralia

Tights from @citychiconline shoes from @targetaustralia

Purple toes! #nailpolish #mud #purple #mardigras

Purple toes! #nailpolish #mud #purple #mardigras

To us!

To us!

Do you have a new product you want to publicise to a dedicated blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook following?


I do reviews of gifted products, create recipes and kitchen mayhem, accept sponsored posts and have banner advertising available.

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I also go to events and launches in the Sydney and Newcastle areas, and instagram and livetweet as appropriate, and write follow up posts as appropriate.


The Little Lioness is known for her honest restaurant reviews in Newcastle, Canberra and the Greater Sydney area.

Sushi Revolution Darby Street

I’m a doting Aunty of two preschoolers, so hit me up if you need guinea pigs!

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The “average” reader is a 25-34 year old woman from Australia – just like me! Though there is no one true viewer of this blog, some come for the kids, the food, the sparkly nailpolish and clothes, or even for the political rants or mental health discussions.


Email me at to discuss, or download my media kit :)

Mini Moo Cards!


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"Good choices" Fountain sauce from @nuffnangau to try!

“Good choices” Fountain sauce from @nuffnangau to try!

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  1. Elena
    March 5, 2015 at 10:52 am

    I work for WordStorm PR and recently one of our clients was featured on Little Lioness and had a fantastic response!
    I’m currently writing a report and would like to include the page impressions of your website, in addition to ad rates, should my client wish to place an ad in the future.

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