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Staycation Or Vacation? 4 Reasons It Doesn’t Matter

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People argue about staycationing and vacation all of the time. The idea of remaining in the country isn’t appealing, but it’s cheaper than the alternative. Vacationing abroad is exotic, yet it can be hit and miss. The pros and cons of both are wide-ranging, and the choice you make is your decision alone. However, to make it easier, you may be happy to know it doesn’t make a difference.

Here are the four reasons why.

Australia Is Amazing

The leading reason people board a flight and disappear is to go somewhere better. But, the truth is, and this is unbiased, Australia is the greatest country in the world. As a resident of New South Wales, Sydney and all the city has to offer is on the doorstep. Plus, Melbourne, Victoria and the Great Ocean Road are less than four hours drive away. Board a flight, too, and you can be in the Northern Territory in tropical waters or Queensland swimming the Great Barrier Reef. And, if the main cities and states aren’t enough, there’s always the Outback. Australia may be home, but it isn’t like any other on the planet.

Bonding Is Mandatory

Are you going on a family holiday? The thought is enough for some mums and dads to lose sleep. Sitting in a car or a hotel room is never a good thing with bored children. Still, these times only make up a small percentage of the vacation. Mostly, the family goes sight-seeing, eats excellent grub, and relaxes with a few cocktails/cokes. For couples, maybe tandem skydiving is on the agenda. Or, if you are adrenaline averse, you can enjoy a moonlit walk along the beach for two. Wherever the holiday takes place, everyone will bond and have a great time. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, but it’s true.

family having fun at the beach

It’s Time Off

Seeing the world is fantastic but isn’t the main aim of a vacation. The goal is to take time away from life and relax and refresh. Work is stressful, and so is looking after a family. At times, it’s nice to be able to forget about both (not the kids, of course!) for ten days to two weeks. After all, the stress starts to fade away and you being to enjoy life a little bit more. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a beach in the Bahamas or Bondi as long the cortisol levels drop. Let’s face it – doing nothing is enjoyable.

Natural Diet Pill

Vacationing helps shed weight for two reasons. The first is because of a change in day to day activities. At home, it’s easy to get into a routine and eat for the sake of it even though you aren’t hungry. On vacation, abroad or at home, routine goes out the window and so does your appetite. Secondly, stress is a significant factor in overeating. People with pent-up tension tend to gorge and eat more junk food, too.

You may prefer one over the other, but the important thing is to go on vacation. As a rule, the location doesn’t make a difference.

My Latest Specs

Oh look at me being impressed that I have to vote on the rights of myself, friends, loved ones, and random strangers. Fuck the plebiscite.

New season, new glasses, right? offered me a new pair of prescription glasses to welcome Spring, and of course I accepted. And guess what? They’re not purple!!


That’s right, I went for these grey ones, with a little silver sparkle to them :) As always, I’m impressed with the quality of the product, the accurate script and of course, even if I HAD paid for them, the price. I can get eyeglasses online for around $50, when it used to cost me upwards of $500 even with cheap frames at the local optometrist due to my coke-bottle grade prescription!


Get 50% off your next pair of specs with with the code GSHOT50. That could mean you get glasses frames with prescription lenses delivered to your door for a tenth of the cost of getting them retail in Australia!


Affordable Prescription Glasses from

How much did your last pair of glasses set you back, including lenses? I think the last pair I bought from a retail store set me back over $500 and they weren’t even a “brand”.

That of course was before I realised you could, and trusted buying, glasses online. Being a brave, older-apparently-still-millennial, I’m used to paypalling away and having items shop up from all over the world, so, while it may seem strange to buy something so specialised from some place in the internets, it’s really just a matter of getting your Medicare-funding eyecheck every two years, making sure the optometrist writes down your full prescription, and setting about looking at all the colours and styles you can get with some button clicks … and for as little as $50! Honestly, the last pair I bought online only cost me $50 which included things like anti-scratch coasting and high density lenses for coke-bottle grade scripts like mine. offered me some eyeglasses to flash around the internet and my real life from their range, and I decided to get these ones:

Fiona in red glasses

The Oversized Cateye or High Pointed Eyewear Vintage Inspired in red. ($29.95) I’ve never gone catseye glasses before, despite so many other kitty items in my life, and I can totally say I pull these off!

Fiona in green glasses

The other pair, the Lina Rectangle in Green have grown on me in time (and after some compliments on social media!) Again, this $29.95 pair is a departure from my usual style in that it’s a light colour with clean parts while I usually only wear solid dark colours these days. But I like it, and for that price why not have a pair for each day of the week? Afterall, people are always looking at your face.

new glasses on blue schoolchair

I already have some prescription sunglasses from awhile back, but maybe next summer I’ll get another :)

Have you ever bough glasses online?
If you haven’t, maybe try, with the code GSHOT50 for 50% off frames with free standard prescription lenses :)

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