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Staycation Or Vacation? 4 Reasons It Doesn’t Matter

Collaborative Post People argue about staycationing and vacation all of the time. The idea of remaining in the country isn’t appealing, but it’s cheaper than the alternative. Vacationing abroad is exotic, yet it can be hit and miss. The pros and cons of both are wide-ranging, and the choice you make is your decision alone.…

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My Latest Specs

Oh look at me being impressed that I have to vote on the rights of myself, friends, loved ones, and random strangers. Fuck the plebiscite. New season, new glasses, right? offered me a new pair of prescription glasses to welcome Spring, and of course I accepted. And guess what? They’re not purple!! That’s right,…

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Affordable Prescription Glasses from

How much did your last pair of glasses set you back, including lenses? I think the last pair I bought from a retail store set me back over $500 and they weren’t even a “brand”. That of course was before I realised you could, and trusted buying, glasses online. Being a brave, older-apparently-still-millennial, I’m used…

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