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Now what?


I know! Not quite sure how I’ve managed (probably the increase in coffee??? ) but my theory is, surely coffee is better for me than diet coke? Surely?

Can I make another three months? :D



I actually don’t have too many photos from my birthday celebrations, as I had a number of late nights, where my phone battery died before meal or home time. I can say it’a been a lovely week of turning 31, and surrounding myself with people who are awesomeness.


Let’s start with a couple of days before, my dear chronically Femme Bronwyn was selling her Galaxy Tab….. and since I couldn’t find a reason not to (aside from my current financial situation) I bought it from her. She offered me Gin and Tonic, and a pillow unicorn as sweeteners to the deal…


Couple of days before my birthday, I had some plans fall through, so ended up watching Seven Psychopaths with Mic, and going out for a lovely brekkie at Chaddies in New Lambton Sunday morning.

Chaddies french toast with bacon

Chaddies big breakfas

Next was the Newtown Drinks version of my birthday – Drinks on the roof at Zanzibar, till it got too cold and we had to shift inside to the deer hunter room with the pool tables.

big buck hunter

vodka and soda

Somewhere in there, Neko started reading to us, and demanding we head for Thai for dinner.

te hana

I did question where one was to actually find a Thai restaurant in Newtown, because there is NOWHERE to get Thai, or frozen yoghurt for that matter, on King Street ;)

neko reads

entree newtown thai

Six of us ended up at Newtown Thai, selected the basis of them being quiet and wouldn’t mind us stuffing around while we waited for a couple of extra, but delightful, boys to show up ;)

hot chip nachos marly

Next stop, the Marly (Marlborough) which has this weird indoor garden, complete with fake grass, remodel thing going on. The above nachos made with hot chips were consumed, and hugs and smiles exchanged.

Sleep was found,a nd my birthday breakfast of a meat pie and diet coke found around midday at Macquarie University train station.

bday breakfast pie and diet coke

Sadly, i left the gift of a Hello Kitty shower cap behind in Macquarie Park, but my habit of leaving things behind just means I need to find time to see people again :)


Where next? Off to Hippo to have coffee and cake with my family and with Bron. The kids ran around like crazy, I got more hello kitty gifts…



Including some of the VERY newly released Hello Kitty for Target underwear!!!


From there, it was off to Schnitzel night at the Warners Bay Hotel…. mine had Nachos!

nacho schnitty

Aside from that, there’s been bikkies from my boss, and <3 arm warmers from Stu... and well as many hugs and general awesomness.



Thank you to everyone who made turning 31 utterly awesome. xoxox



What? it looks like and energy drink? And it’s meant to CALM me down rather than leave me hyped up all night on the dancefloor? AND it has 50 calories per can (which is like eating an apple), I can buy it online and it tastes reasonable?


Oh yeah, too hyper, let’s drink a can then finish this post.


So, this drink has Valerian in it, which is a mild herbal relaxant and has anti-anxiety properties. Usually found in the vitamin isle, Valerian tablets have gotten me to sleep many a stressful night, whether by their relaxant qualities or from me getting up, moving around, having a glass of water then going back to bed. I was never sure. But it got a diet coke addicted girl through uni. The other ingredient include chamomile and passion flower which are also well known as calming. Tryptophan is an amino acid, which is needed for the production of Serotonin (ie happy relaxy brain chemicals). Seems the perfect drink for an overhyped, anxiety-prone girl like myself ;)

This drink has a small amount of fizz, more like the amount in Berocca rather than a fizzy drink. The taste isn’t very strong. Like a weak tropical cordial. Seems like a good drink to have if you want something cold but calming before something big, like an interview or hot date ;)


Buy a case online for $28 with free shipping and discounts for bulk purchases! (Yep, stock up that work fridge to be able to throw one to your stressed out co-worker that had had three too many coffees this morning!)


Want to win your own case of 12 cans of esc to try?

esc calm in a can

Well, leave a comment on this post letting me know your surefire relaxation tip, then complete the rafflecopter to enter. Extra entries for sharing on social media and liking and esc on Facebook :) Australian addresses only :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS One month til my birthday! Donate to the Steve Waugh Foundation for me?

Fiona’s turning 30!


Lava Espresso, Weston


I’m biting the bullet.

Aiming to tick off another Thirty before 30 item.

Elizabeth has dangled the carrot of a $50 donation to the Steve Waugh Foundation if I succeed.

I can do it right? No black tea, or coffees. Til the end of the financial year.

At least I’ve cut out diet coke already!!!

(and the chocolate)

And it’s for a good cause!

I’m aiming to raise $1000 for my 30th birthday for the Steve Waugh Foundation. They help fund things for kids (up to 25) with rare conditions that often slip through funding cracks. Awesome work.

Coffee in Syros

If giving up caffeine helps me get there, then so be it!

(I’m also “going dark” this weekend, when I head to Billabong Retreat!)

(and yes I do realise that this opens me up for challenges for sponsorship xx bring it!)


Nara Thai

Ahh, Nara and Uncle Raja’s. Worked threre through uni, living off naan, butter chicken sauce and pad thai. Oh and bottles of diet coke.

Nara Thai

The two are combined now, so you can get a selection of Indian and Thai dishes in the one kitchen.

Nara Thai

Nara Thai

So, pad thai, chicken madrass and lamb korma. A Malaysia style Laksa.

Nara Thai

Nara Thai

And suggestive looking deep fried ice cream for dessert!


The random chat-up

November 19, 2011 · 0 comments


I was loitering outside Central station, dm-ing a friend about being randomly chatted up, when a guy, with a Coke zero in hand, and alcohol on his breath came up to me…

“Hey can I tell you something?”
“Mmm?” I say.
“You’re beautiful, you look really peaceful there”
“Thanks”. (oh yawn)
“So, have you got plans tonight”
“No, school night”
“You look like a teacher”

etc. Til he picked up on my disinterest and went away.

How about you? Do you get randomly chatted up?

Sometimes it’s fun, but other times, I can’t be bothered with the banter!


An attempt at recapping Eat. Drink. Blog. (2011) Wish me luck?

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Yummy Summer Drinks

October 29, 2011

As the weather heats up, we’re all looking for something more interesting than water, but not coke, to quench our thirsts with. Here’s a few I’ve tried recently… GC Raw Juices. All with less than 10g of sugar per 100mL, these aren’t just ordinary fruit juices. They have veges too, without that vege taste :) […]

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Yum Cha at Mr Chao Seafood Restaurant, Hurstville

August 29, 2011

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In which she trials a mostly-gluten-free diet

February 19, 2011

Kinda. Well, cutting out and finding replacements for all those OMG I’m just wheat products. To see how I go. I’m not going stress too much if there isn’t a suitable option to fit with it. Because stressing about it will only make it worse. I think it’s working for me. It’s not not working. […]

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January 31, 2011

It’s hot. It was the first day back at work. It wasn’t the first day back at school in Canberra. It might be cooling. It wasn’t a good night for sleeping last night for my body or my brain. It just made today a little harder. It wasn’t too bad (I’m 16 days without diet […]

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August 15, 2010

Schwiney! The reason Germany beat Australia 4-0 in the World Cup. A pig in a German lei I was very happy to arrive in Berlin on June 12. Two reasons – one, I got to be with Rish after a week apart, and two it’s freaking BERLIN. How cool is that??? Hauptbahnhof

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Thirty before 30 (Or Happy 28th Birthday to Me)

July 22, 2010

(Being my birthday, you’re obligated to de-lurk and comment! Do it!) Last year’s work cupcakes for my birthday. Hello Kitty! Okay, any notion I had of doing a 101 in 1001 is long gone, I can’t even WRITE a list, let along get started on one. So perhaps, 30 items before my 30th birthday will […]

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