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31 photos in 31 days – 6&7 – Newcastle for the Weekend

About to head back to Sydney after a weekend up in Newcastle. A weekend spent with family and friends, eating, drinking… talking and laughing, sniffling away with this damn cold! Day 6 – The ever resourceful Liam, who now knows to drag things over so he can stand/climb on them to get to things. Day…

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At least I avoided the traffic on the way home?

Crashed out last night about 8:30pm, after lots of tissues and cold and flu tablets. Woke up at my alarm this morning, not wanting to move, but it’s only day 4, I ought to go to work and meet with my managers!!! Doped up again on cold and flu tablets, I made it til 12….…

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31 photos in 31 days. Day 2 with a sunny lunchtime walk.

Today I spent in training in Ryde – talking about Cerebral Palsy, disability and person centred practice. Got a nice sunny lunchtime walk in too! :) Now I’m just sitting down to a dinner of food court leftovers bought cheaply at the end of the day from the Hurstville foodcourt. Yum.

Day one … Done!

Let’s ignore the cold shower in the morning because the flatmate’s boyfriend forgot to turn the hot water back on after doing some repairs on the weekend, and talk about the rest of the day, hey? ;) Today was spent in Terrey Hills at Corporate Orientation Day. Which meant over an hour drive to get…

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