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31 photos in 31 days

Day One

August 1, 2011 · 6 comments

New work shoes

Off to orientation day today, like the first day of school, only I’m being paid to be there.

A little nervous of course, but excited!


(They even send text message reminders to go! As well as a phone call on Friday to remind me to take my ID along like my passport and drivers licence)

How organised!

Don’t forget that 31 photos in 31 days kicks off again today! Remember to get snapping! I’m not sure yet if I have a theme, maybe something to do with Sydney…. hmmm


Back to work

Back at work today. Fortunately I have 2 days of PD – feeding. Which means I don’t have to see clients. It does mean I have all my workmates who I haven’t seen in awhile for various reasons just checking that I’m well and telling me I look terrible. Thanks :p

I went for a much needed gym session today. More for my sanity, than my body. Needed. Still didn’t stop me staring at the meat at Woolies for 10 mins in a blank world of choice… meh.

Got a couple of cool parcels today:

Muesli4me samples

A couple of Muesli4Me samples, including the yet to be released Gluten Free base with some of my fave fruits and a sample of the go crunchy base. I’ll let you know how they go!

How to votes for Saturday

And my parcel for hitting Queanbeyan school this Saturday to hand out how to votes for the Australian Sex Party. Say hi if you see me there… or later in the day back on my home turf supporting GetUp! at Chapman School!


Rimmel nails

Let’s call it Opposites day, hey? After yesterday’s sunshine and desperately-needing-repainting toenails, here I am inside on a rainy Wednesday, redoing my nails in Rimmel Hypnotise… Gotta love their prices!


In need of sunlight and a pedicure. Poor purple feet!

Got out of the house for a walk, stuck my toes in the sunshine at lunch, and took a lot of photos of flowers… Shame the walk took a lot of oxygen out of me! whee!


Daffodil Day is Friday August 27. I used to love buying them at school!
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August 2010 082

While the doctor ran about an hour late, I gathered some pamphlets on milk, anxiety, contraception, ovarian cancer and more, oh and kept up with Twitter. There is a foot for 31 photos with knee high socks under some jeans.

I have three days off work with a medical certificate, two “for if you get worse” scripts, one for if I actually get worse, the other for if the nose dries but the cough keeps going. I’m going to have to watch the time I spend on the computer the next few days so I don’t get too angry with politics. As if that could happen :p


August 2010 078

Sitting in the Uni library, trying to focus on some reading by I can’t my head is too goopy, my coughs too often. I think I’ll give up and head back home under my blanket soon. Semester starts tomorrow, and it’s all a little bit much right now!


Home keeping warm

I have a cold.

I shall hang out with the heater this evening rather than heading out and passing on my germs.

Aren’t I lovely?

(And isn’t it <– cute?)


August 2010 075


Wine Tasting @ Mount Majura
Wine taste and “tapas” $5 for the serve

A group of us headed for after work drinks out at Mount Majura Vineyard. As a part of the Fireside Festival, they were doing a wine tasting/tapas do with $5 serves of wine with accompanying tapas taste.
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Should have worn gumboots!

meep! What a miserable day! Might wear gum boots tomorrow!


Getup posters

A couple of GetUp! posters I have to put up in my local area over the weekend. Look out Weston Creek! (anyone going to the ACT Senate Candidates Forum on Sunday afternoon?)